Pirates, Superheroes, Bad-To-The-Bone Ass Kickers. What carry out these forms of fictional characters have in common, you ask?

Magnificent. Manly. Manes.

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The personalities we watch in movies, watch in comics, and review in publications inspire us in many kind of ways. This list explores some of the fictional personalities with long hair inspiring guys all over to flourish lengthy locks.

These personalities are the beginning 6 of our fictional flow-masters.



First illustrated in Marvel Comics in 1962 and later on adapted for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this longhaired superhero is based on the Norse god of thunder.

Armed through his effective hammer, Mjolnir, and also a mighty gold mane, Thor is charged with protecting Asgard. And he does a damn gold project of it.



He’s the follically gifted main character of the Machete film franchise and the uncle and spy gear supplier of the well known Spy Kids. Helping the Spy Kids uncover their paleas or hired by the president to take dvery own a man with a plan to overcome the human being, he’s constantly doing excellent.

Whether he’s wielding a machete, firing hundreds of rounds per second from a minigun installed on a steel steed, or sindicate offering spy tools, this black-haired badass is always lettin’ it ride.



John Rambo starts as a homeless, drifter Vietnam War vet with PTSD. Escaping jail, rescuing POWs from the Vietnamese jungles, and cliff diving to stop certain death at the hands of Soviet and Vietnamese troops are all examples of a day in the life of this hardcore vet.

His life of badassery is of course complemented by his ferocious circulation.



Legolas is a character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendarium. A Sindarin Elf of the Woodland also Realm, he is blessed through solid strength, acute sight and hearing, and his skills as an archer are unparalleled. Oh and also don’t foracquire his glorious white-gold locks, often twisted up into some brilliant braids.



Portrayed in Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movies, based on the Walt Disney World theme park ride, Jack Sparrowhead is a pirate captain that regularly chooses to flee a hazard rather than fight. Using his imaginative wit and also impeccable negotiating abilities, he’s able to slip dangerous cases.

He is the captain of The Black Pearl and also Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea. He’s also gained a head of dope dreadlocks laced via beads and also other trinkets amassed from years of pirating.

Last but not leastern is the character that introduced long hair to me at a young age. My favorite fabled flow. Depicted in Disney’s Tarzan, he was elevated by a western gorilla named Kala.

Tarzan is a guy of the jungle. He flourished up swinging from vines and also walking on all fours. He’s likewise never checked out a pair of shears in his life and also he’s all the better for it. His lush locks are in the most organic state, uncut and flowing. His mane probably aided him out via Jane also, boys.

If you currently have actually long hair, congratulations. You’ve already joined the ranks of some of the sickest characters in fiction.

If you haven’t began thriving yet, what are you waiting for? Take this catalyst and gain thriving.


Who motivated you? Who’s your favorite fictional character with long hair? Let us know and we’ll put him in the running for future lists of fictional flow.

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What around books? Check out Jamie Fraser in the Outlander series. In the TV present, because of the era, virtually all men have long hair. It was once the just method. Back then, if a male was balding or couldn’t have actually lengthy hair they wore a wig.I’m a writer and also just about every man in my novels has lengthy hair. My favorite is Dane Bainbridge in my Anachronistic Dimensions fantasy romance series. He’s a rock star with lengthy wavy black hair and light blue eyes through silver specks. And of course the hero in my time travel collection in the 17th century has long hair (not yet published).


Both Superman and Aquamale rocked lengthy hair in their particular comic publications at one time. Lorenzo Lamas in “Renegade” tv series. The previously mentioned “Highlander”. And can’t forobtain all the dudes on covers of paperback romance novels