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Love at First Kiss Seachild 2 is yet to be announced by TLCCurrent Sjust how Status
Love at First Kiss Seaboy 2 — not renewed yet
Next off Episode Sorry, no days yet for Love at First Kiss. The show is either on a break or the brand-new season is yet to be scheduled. We’ll store you posted.

Sjust how format and also manufacturing info

Love at First Kiss is a new fact dating display that pushes the boundaries of the genre, as Dating Naked and also Naked Attractivity have actually already done. On August 3, 2016 the show"s eight-episode freshmale seaboy premiered on TLC after being rejected by VH1. Mike Fleiss, the creator of the Bachelor franchise, is behind the series which hails from Warner Horizon Television.

Two complete strangers fulfill each various other in a barren all-white room, and also share a kiss with secs of seeing each various other for the initially time. They have the right to then agree to an expush 2-minute day on a couch in a much more furnished room, and also then, if all goes to shared satisfaction, continue to an extra typical day set up external of the studio. Some of the couples find each other immediately attractive, others part with a pathetically awkward “thank you for kissing me” line.

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Viewership and also rejuvenation potential

The show treads on no man"s land also between the kinky naked dating reflects and also the semblance of a fairy-tale that The Bachelor shows aim for. The series debuted to an audience of 0.581 million viewers, and a 0.22 demo rating, garnering simply 0.14 in the demo and 0.351 million viewers a month later. The reviews have actually been combined, and also it"s not tough to guess why. It"s hard to imagine a connection advancing from a televised first kiss to somepoint meaningful, and also it"s not bereason of our lack of imagination. Whether or not the televised pseudo-romantic show will certainly be renewed for one more seachild is not yet clear, so please continue to be tuned for pertinent news.