This part of the game has actually an effect on the final ending. Follow our overview to discover out why.

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Once you’ve defeated the Guardian, lift the obstacle to access the corridor throughout the arena making use of your Gauntlet. On the left-hand also side of the corridor is a chest containing Faith head and also chest armour. Follow the corridor, go via the door at the end and also turn best to discover a chest holding a Fiery Withholder Kite Shield and also Last Will Greatsword.

There’s a Tyrant on the left in this location, however you really don’t want to mess via him right now as his heart isn’t in the vicinity, so leave him for later. With that in mind, confront the Spellcaster over to the appropriate without illustration the Tyrant right into the fray, then make your means dvery own the corridor ahead.

After managing a pair of Golems, you’ll enter a room containing 2 Spellcasters that will certainly emerge from the appropriate side (from the stairs and the corridor) and an audio note over to the left. Clear the area, grab the audio note and also leave through the corridor to the appropriate where the Spellcaster gone into. Head right into the following corridor on the best, up the stairs and left to the next room, taking treatment not to acquire ambushed by the large spider dangling from the ceiling.

Get in the room and exterminate the large spider in here also, approximately the left, and also the smaller spiders on the floor underneath. The door on the right is locked and you’ll need a Right Wing Key to unlock it, so for now go to the left side of the room, then enter the hallmeans at the end, to the ideal. Ahead of you is a door that will produce a shortcut ago to the waiting Tyrant, yet as we still don’t have actually his heart yet, just open the door for currently without going with.

Use 2 Small Sealed Runes to open the door on the right wbelow you’ll find a chest containing a Weapon Hilt and also a Spine Slasher Sword, then go back to the room you wbelow you killed the spiders and also enter the room on the right. Tright here are more spiders scurrying approximately in right here and a large spider over to the left, and also a crafting forge. Do what you need to perform here, then bring on through the next room and up the procedures into the hallmethod.

Follow the corridor to the finish, kill the Spellcaster and take the audio note from best. Proceed through the door over in the left corner to discover the Right Wing Key and a Forger. You deserve to usage the essential to open the door you passed previously, inside which is a chest containing an Eternal Legend chest piece and also Crusher Greatsword.

Cross over to the next corridor, killing the Forger below, and continue to the room at the finish where you’ll uncover an Apparition and a Tyrant. Walking through the corridor, you will have passed a ledge over to the left that you can jump over to, so take note of the area. The Tyrant’s heart is over to the appropriate of the room through the Apparition, so take it out first, grab the heart, then kill the Tyrant. Explore the best side of the room to discover the Tor Greathammer, then pull the lever before in this area to cause a cutscene including Yetka.

Once this has wrapped up, take out the Apparition that has actually showed up. You’ll also alert that pulling the lever has actually associated both sides of the room. Soon you’ll be going dvery own the corridor that Yetka simply went through, but for currently double earlier to the hallway through the ledge to the left and jump over. Make your means to the appropriate and also with the door dvery own below where a Tyrant awaits you on the left and also his heart on the best. Dispose of him, head into the following corridor and also take out the Temple Guardian.The end of the corridor leads to a shortreduced that will certainly return you to the huge room from previously, but we desire pop down the stairs that lead off from the hallway.

Defeat the Temple Guardian right here and continue to the end of the hall. Kill the Spellcaster and also Apparition, head down the corridor on the left and crack open the chest containing a Fallen chest piece. Open the door opposite through a Small Sealed Rune, address the Forger and also Hell Hound in below, then open the following chest to obtain an Eternal Legend head piece. Cross over to the stairs on the various other side and defeat the Demonic Guardian at the bottom before saving at the checksuggest.

There’s a vase alongside the door right here that has the heart of the Tyrant from earlier, so collect it, go through the door, dvery own the stairs and also challenge the Tyrant. Yetka is hanging around closeby to wright here you entered, so talk to her to receive The Stamong Divine Understanding that gives you the ability to review primitive writings, and some audio notes (the number depends on how many wall works you’ve tried to read as much as this point).

Make your way ago to the large room wright here you offered the lever and also go down the corridor you witnessed Yetka head with. There’s a barrier to the best that you have the right to lift, and the path leads to the location wbelow you fought the Infiltrator, so you don’t must go dvery own tright here at the moment. Go to the left, through the door at the finish of the corridor and follow the ledge to the best of the stairs here. You have the right to jump across to the ledge opposite to pick up an Empty Bottle.

Head dvery own the stairs and also ago to the big room. Lift the obstacle to the left, continue dvery own this route, taking treatment of the fiery Dimensional Beastern along the method, and also proceed dvery own the stairs. You’ll be ambushed by a Fire Golem, adhered to by an Apparition. Head to the bottom and also usage the lever before on the ideal to trigger a cutscene through Yetka aobtain. You’ll need to make a decision about the fate of the beast in the centre of the room, and also you have to note that this will certainly influence the ending you’ll obtain after the last boss fight.

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Make your method to the other side of the big room and save at the checksuggest. Go up the stairs to the middle of the second floor and up the stairinstance that you’ll currently view. When you enter the room up here, you’ll be flanked by a pair of Fire Golems, so take them out, collect the audio note ahead, then continue right into the room for the following boss fight.