Things To Know Before Moving To Ohio

Want to discover the pros and cons of living in Ohio?

If you answered yes. Then you have come to the right place.

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Whether the benefits of moving to Ohio are on your mind. Or, you need to know the disadvantages of living in Ohio. Before you move.

Whatever the case, we have those topics covered. And more.

So, let’s not delay. And dig into the living in Ohio pros and cons right away…


Since the state has some larger size cities. With a small-town feel. It’s one of the good things about Ohio.

Unless you have your heart set on a small town. Which are too numerous to mention.

Or, rural living in Ohio. On some good farmland for sale.

Then be sure to consider “the 3 C’s”: Being Columbus, Cleveland, or Cincinnati.

Here’s a little bit on what each one is all about…


Columbus is the largest city based on population. The state capital. And located in central Ohio.

In addition to being home to Ohio State University. Including the nearly 70,000 students that attend this school.

The city has a unique culture. Is home to many businesses large and small. And has a workforce full of energy and creativity.


Then, to the north, on the shores of Lake Erie. You have the city of Cleveland.

You might not believe it. But the cultural aspects here are outstanding.

First, the food scene is great. Rivaling much larger cities.

Further, there is an abundance of parks and nature preserves. With the family-friendly recreational opportunities, they offer.

And not to forget. There is the music scene.

From the symphony orchestra. To the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!


Finally, we have Cincinnati. To the south and located by the Ohio River. Across from the border state of Kentucky.

With 3 professional sports teams, famous chili recipes, and a good dose of culture.

All giving this place a pleasant character of a larger city. Without the crowds and hassles.

Next, whether you are retired. Or, going to school, working hard, or both.

Then having many options for recreation is required. And this is another one of the cool things about Ohio.

Plenty Of Fun Things To Do

Since the state has natural beauty to enjoy. Leading to outdoor recreation. Plus commercial entertainment options too.

Let’s discuss…

Natural Beauty When Living In Ohio

The natural landscape is diverse here.

First, you have Lake Erie. And its shoreline in the northern part of the state.

Plus flat terrain. North of the Ohio River. Where the river forms the state’s southern border.

There you will find fertile gardens. And great farmland.

Moving to the southeast quadrant. Begin the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Before entering the border state of West Virginia.

Finally, almost anywhere. You can be sure to enjoy the changing colors of autumn.

Since the beauty of the turning leaves here. Is one of the state’s best-kept secrets.

Then, for the outdoor enthusiast. One of the great things about Ohio. It has many places and activities to enjoy.

Outdoor Activities When Living In Ohio

First of all the state park system is very nice. Most noteworthy it is free to enjoy. Unlike other states that charge admission fees to their parks.

They are great for hiking, trail running, nature strolling and picnicking. So, invite your friends and family. And have a great time.

Some of the popular parks and forests in Ohio include:

Cuyahoga Valley National ParkHocking Hills State ParkHopewell Culture National Historical ParkJohn Bryan State ParkKelleys Island State ParkMaumee Bay State ParkSalt Fork State ParkWayne National Forest

Then there is Put-in-Bay.

It is an island that sits in Lake Erie. Near the Canadian border. Where thousands of people visit and recreate every year.

Finally, deer, turkey, and pheasant are plentiful in the state. Making hunting a seasonal leisure pursuit for many.

But when you are done enjoying the great outdoors. There are still more interesting things about Ohio. To fulfill your entertainment needs…

Commercial Entertainment Options

So, let me rattle off of a few. To whet your appetite. About some great places for the public to enjoy here.

Starting with what is known as the Roller Coaster Capital of the World…

Cedar Point Amusement Park – SanduskyCleveland Museum of ArtColumbus Zoo and AquariumFountain Square – CincinnatiFranklin Park Conservatory Gardens – ColumbusKings Island Amusement Park – MasonNational Museum of the US Air Force – DaytonPro Football Hall of Fame – CantonRock & Roll Hall of Fame – Cleveland

Then, last but not least. I’ve got one more of the great things about Ohio…

Easy Access To Major Metro Areas

Because sometimes. No matter where you choose to live. You just have to get away.

For business. Or, hopefully, just for pleasure.

If so, Ohio is well connected by the interstate highway system.

As two interstate highways (I75 and I77) run north to south.

One (I71) cuts a diagonal line through Ohio. From the northeast to the southwest

And finally, I70 and I90 run east-west.

Then, it’s good to know. That Ohio is halfway between Chicago and New York City.

Allowing residents access to what these world-class cities offer. Each within a 6-8 hour drive from Columbus.

Finally, there are multiple international and regional airports to choose from. For getting exactly where you want to go. Anywhere in the United States. Or, the world.

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Next up. This review of the pros and cons of living in Ohio. Would not be complete.