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L.DA.K.A. The Long Winded Answer(The number one on the charts!)Two truths and a lie: I"ve tried beans, I favor wings, I"ll die kingTwo truths and a lie: I"m not gay, I"ve tried yay, it"s my dayTwo truths and also a lie: I might go write a TV display and chillI can be up for a nine figure dealI provided to wonder if Santa was realWould you think that? Would you believe that shit?What would certainly you believe?We can begin with the rap, flowing favor malls prefer "oh there"s a Gap"Go on my contact logs, dogs wanna chatBig dogs, missed callsLot of motherfuckers in the league no LJust had brunch via Embiid and also NoelJust acquired sucked and also was fucked by a dumb slutNormally I like "em Ivy League, oh wellSummer camp I been going ham I was a young guy through that chopperThat’s rifelry, yeah I prefer movies, I’m going H.A.M. for that OscarI"m means much on they radar like they recognize I"m coming that"s DopplerThey boring to me that"s Opera, I"m scoring beauties that"s soccerMe and also Jonah Hill smoke, then we talking shit bout exactly how the rest of y"all blowThen we take a dip up in his pool, pretty coolNot the pool, shit is hotJust a check out from a spot, shit is hotBunch of blonde bitches laughing all nightAnd me and Busta Rhymes satisfy in Venice for a biteTalking shit about a comedy singer, shit is so light he tell meI can"t disagree, gain it right he tell me, I meanI thought by currently he have the right to see that I"m wittyDvery own in L.A. I been running the cityAsk anybody in music or film that gained next in this bitch and also they all saying DickyI simply carry out it favor it"s nopoint to itLife obtaining pretty sweet like I fondue itI"m killing bitches in my lane on some T. StewartAnd I"ve been sworn yeah the moment blew itFunner than summer, I hooked up via SummerHomies are callin" cause I gained her numberI"m so unencumbered I"m "bout to carry out numbersMuhammad Ali told me rumble di rumbleThat man is so niceLet that male listen prefer damn that boy niceKanye just listened choose "Hol" up, he white?"I"m taking over the game let me just money my shit for a minute damnWould you think that? Would you believe that shit?Would you think that? Would you think that shit?Would you think that? Would you believe that shit?Would you believe that? What would certainly you believe?We at the motel, hotel, Holiday InnWhy don"t you come with and also bring some of your friends?We in the sipping some HennyIt"s simply the Snoop Dogg GinnyNo more dapping? Oh what happened?Oh he snapping, oh I knowI heard all around them attributes what you think he phelp for those?I hate rapping reason what occurred is you niggas turn like hoesThey chase me favor Barry Sanders they not pass favor Morino, ayeHappy Gileven more, Mr. Deeds, Big Daddy, silver screenI"m a Jewish GHold hoes of the hostesses that at showsI leave the backphase like the roasting I"m prefer Charlie SheenSjust how me my opponentShow me my opponentCenter course America (America!)Imma joint for my enjoymentI require X amount of dollars, uber X amount of dollarsI need Hendrix on my dollarsThree Six Mafia bought my collarPlay Mancala with the gualaDrop some even more inside my pocket firstCamaking use of payment they gain drove in a Versace hearseMan live what you desire, I come through the and do what you don"tEexceptionally moment, I kill all opponentsMy team is some winners, never beginnersI eat "em for dinner (mmm y"all good!)Cold choose December (that"s pretty cold!)I come through the trap (I"ll sit that one out)Niggas understand it"s a wrap (it"s done, choose, why y"all here?)Bitches gon" clap I come via and my niggas gon" slapI"m recognized on the map (all over the place)From London to Chi Town (where else?)You know just how we ride "round (what else?)YeahYour bitch she get tied down (she could)Me and in L.A. (me too)And we cigarette smoking that Laker (that"s weed)You mad you a hater (fuck you)I"m chasing that paper (yes)I got (ha ha)Your bitch from nowright here (small town bitch)But she think she a star (she ain"t shit)Yes we know that you are (I see you faggot)You a nobody ()And you recognize probably (gain self-aware)How I come shawty ()I"m the massive dog, , I been through it I got a activity (same here)Running via favor a truant (fuck school)It"s evident (extremely clear)Niggas can"t rap with us (never)This paper be coming quick (so fast)You recognize that I"m running shit (yes)I wish you would (I wish you would say something!)I"m a lumberjack, how you front on that? (how?)Rockie, I stunt on thatCome through, make a hundred racksIced out Rollie, take a pass it to my homieWe pass Rollies approximately here manFuck passing jointsWe passing Rolexes "round this bitchFuck a bluntWould you think that?Would you think that shit?