The initially church wright here my husbandoffered as a paid member of the staff was Grace Church in Jackson Mississippi. Hebegan as the music member and finished up as the youth pastor. As usual, he wasa little bit of a troublemaker and also began to lug in young world who were not“church” children. In truth, this bothered some human being given that it was apparent thatwe did not always have control of the actions of the group. One sweet olderlady was various. Mrs. Mildred Hutchichild had her hair in a bun and her skirtsbelow her knees, but mainly her heart in the best area. She never before tried tosolve any type of of these unruly teens or also their unruly youth pastor. In fact, Iperform not ever before remember her saying a crucial word to us. She did ask for alltheir names. She asked around their families and lives.

Most importantly, she prayed for themall. Throughout the years, I have actually often heard my husband also stop about her andthe incredible blessing it was to understand that she prayed for all of us. LastSaturday she passed amethod at 90 years of age.

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I confess I cried once her granddaughterposted a picture of a prayer list that they found in her Holy bible. There we wereall our names and also all those teens. How many kind of times had actually she prayed over that listand also conserved us from disaster by the blanket of magnificent protection she wrappedapproximately us? God only knows, and also I am so humbled and also grateful!

There is though via the passing ofthat praying generation, a sense of loss. Who will pray for us now?

Oswald Chambers offers the followingadmonition from the story of Elijah and Elisha in 2 Kings 2:

“It is not wrong to depend uponElijah as long as God gives him to you, but remember the time will come once hewill certainly need to go; as soon as he stands no even more to you as your overview and also leader,because God does not intend he should. You say- “I cannot carry out on withoutElijah.” God says you must. Alone at your Jordan v. 14. Jordan is a type of theseparation wbelow there is no fellowship with anyone else, and also wright here no one cantake the responsibility for you. You need to put to the test now what youlearned once you were with your Elijah. You have actually been to Jordan over and overagain through Elijah, however currently you are up against it alone. It is no usage saying youcannot go; this experience has come, and also you need to go. If you desire to knowwhether God is the God you have actually belief to believe Him to be, then go throughyour Jordan alone.”

How many times throughoutthe years have actually we stood at a Jordan River in our lives, and also watched the waterscomponent without understanding that the prayers of a little womale in Mississippi were theElijah cloak that struck the waters for us? Now it is our rotate, and also my heartcries out as Elisha’s did, “Let me inherit a dual percent ofyour spirit!” As the old song shelp, let your mantle loss on me!


1) Elijah was God’s prophet;

Elisha stood close by,

And ere the prophet left him,

He heard his servant cry:


Let thy mantle loss on me!

Let thy mantle fall on me!

A double portion of Thy heart,

Lord, Let thy mantle fall on me!

2) Then Elijah made the promise

That, if faithful he would certainly be,

His petition would certainly be granted,

And God’s glory he would certainly see

3) As Elijah rose to heaven

In a chariot of fire,

He did not forobtain his servant,

Who expressed one solid desire.

4) In the Upper Room they waited —

“Twas the faithful Christian band –

And their prayer was heard and also answered

Over in the gloryland.

5) That prayer of beforehand Christians

Long earlier and also far away

Is the cry of all God’s children;

And He’s just the same now.

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Floyd W. Hawkins

Now we have so much greater accessibility to one anotherthrough social media. Has your frifinish list come to be your prayer list yet? Minehas! Please let me understand just how I have the right to pray for you, you view, I found this shawlthat looks a lot favor the one Mrs. Hutchiboy used to wear…

Chambers, Oswald. My utthe majority of for His highest.Uhrichville: Barbour Publishing, 1963.