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You can hear this line at 01:21:01 in the Blu-ray variation of the movie.

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- This could be close.

- Faster, boy! Faster!

- Well, they do not come any kind of closer than that!

- Dad, he"s coming back!

- I all of a sudden remembered my Charlemagne.

- Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and also the birds in the skies.

- These peras are taken from Professor Jones" diary, Your Highness, and also they encompass a map that pinpoints the precise location of the Grail.

- As you have the right to view, the Grail is all however in our hands.

- However before, Your Highness, we would not think of crossing your soil without your permission, nor of rerelocating the Grail from your boundaries without suitable compensation.

- What have actually you brought?

- Precious valuables, Your Highness, donated by some of the best families in all of Germany.


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Let my armies be the rocks and the trees and the birds in the skies.
What you taught me was that I was less essential to you than human being who"d been dead for 500 years in another nation. And I learned it so well that we"ve hardly spoken for 20 years.
No ticket.
Well, we made it. -When we"re airborne, via Germany kind of behind us, then I"ll share that sentiment.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Sound Clip


A selection of the finest quotes from Indiana Jones and also the Last Crusade (1984), featuring short sound bites..

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Actors: Harrikid Ford (Indiana Jones), Sean Connery (Henry Jones), Denholm Elliott (Marcus Brody), Alison Doody (Elsa Schneider), Julian Glover (Wchange Donovan)

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