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By Max Nicholson
The Legfinish of Korra's two-part finale for Publication Two was released a entirety week beforehand by means of For that reason, our evaluation first ran last weekfinish, however for those seeing it as it aired tonight, here it is again!

Looking for our evaluation of the initially component of The Legfinish of Korra's Publication Two finale, "Darkness Falls"? Click right here.

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Warning: Full spoilers from the episode to follow.Well, pardon my French, yet that s*** was bananas...After shedding the fight via Unalaq, things were looking pretty grim for Korra and the rest of Team Avatar. But they were looking even grimmer for Republic City, which was under attack by the giant Dark Avatar.Right from the get-go, tright here were a couple of side-moments worth noting. First, tright here was Lin saving President Raiko, choose a boss. She's been absent from many of Book Two, but she's still got it where it counts. Also, Varrick made his daring escape from prichild with Zhu Li. ("DO THE THING!") And, of course, tright here was a nice cameo from General Iroh, whose ships blasted the Dark Avatar with hellfire, however to no avail -- kind of an homage to the old Godzilla films, it appeared. Basically... the residence team remained in dire straights.



Korra wasn't faring much better, but luckily Tenzin was tbelow to drop some understanding. We'd heard casual references to the Tree of Time -- especially in the library, once Jinora was reading around Harmonic Convergence -- however it was in this episode that we learned exactly what it was. For it's component, I assumed the Tree of Time was a pretty reliable plot tool. Here, Tenzin had the ability to fulfill his role as Korra's overview while Korra was able to recuperate her shed memories and find an untapped facet of energybending. In what hregarding be the craziest relocate in Avatar history, Korra was able to sync up through her Avatar Spirit (equivalent to the one Aang encountered when he unlocked his Chakras) and also summon it right into the mortal realm. As Bumi remarked to Tenzin after the 50-Foot Korra zapped out of the Spirit World, "Uh, what did you say to her exactly?"The result, of course, was a massive "kaiju" fight in between the Avatar Spirit and the Dark Avatar -- the aforementioned "bananas" I was referring to previously. While this scene was indeed sheer, utter ridiculousness, it was also just type of... well, awesome. Undoubtedly not the final showdown we were more than likely all expecting, yet certainly high-stakes. Like I mentioned in the last testimonial, this fight did seem to lack the emotional weight of the last skirmish in between Korra and also Unalaq. Tbelow wasn't that very same feeling of danger or humanity to it -- Korra wasn't really tright here, not physically anyway; she was piloting a huge spirit mecha, basically. Don't get me wrong, though, from a visual perspective, it was good -- and aacquire, wondertotally scored. All things taken into consideration, I was into it, rolling via it -- until...

AWESO-- wait, what?

Okay, I need to talk about the Jinora thing, because this can be looked at in a couple of various methods. On the one hand, yes, throughout Book Two we've acquired the sense that Jinora is immensely in tune with the spirits and also harbors a strong connection to them. Don't let it be shelp that her spiritual prowess lacks any aptitude. The thing is, I'm still wracking my brain as to what exactly happened at all. Near the finish of "Darkness Falls," we saw Jinora disappear to an unknown location, where she did... something. Then, in this episode, she came back holding an orb of light -- the remnants of Raava -- that then unexpectedly appeared in the Dark Avatar's chest for Korra to grab. Now, that scene could have been defined -- even a straightforward line can have sufficed -- but the reality that no one addressed it renders this a little bit of a deus ex machina.Some fans can compare it to Avatar Aang showing up at the end of Publication One, however the difference here is that the creators knew they were coming back for Books Three and Book Four. With that in mind, I'm willing to offer the show the advantage of the doubt, and also I hope that they address it later. But left the means it is, it really doesn't make that a lot feeling.

Ready player two...

That minor gripe aside, though, tright here was a ton of other excellent stuff in the final moments of "Light in the Dark." Korra and Mako breaking up, for instance, felt prefer the organic point to perform, and also I look forward to seeing where that leads later on. (Maybe currently Mako and also Bolin will commiseprice together over their shed loves.) Korra's decision to store the portals open up was additionally a substantial game-changer, but that too seemed in keeping via this overall template of harmony and also autonomy within the Avatar world.Speaking of which, I know some could disagree, however I perform hope the creators stick with the fact that Korra has actually lost all communication with her previous lives. Seeing that this is the dawn of a brand-new age, I think it's just appropriate that that applied to the Avatar too -- a reboot of the Avatar cycle, if you will certainly. Much prefer Avatar Wan establiburned order in his very own time, now Korra can construct her very own course in the direction of uniting spirits and also human beings, rather of segregating them. No much longer will certainly the Avatar be the bridge between two worlds, yet fairly the bridge in between two peoples.

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In spite of some inquiries that still require answering, The Legend of Korra: Book Two finale yielded a radical and also gripping half-hour of television that not just concluded the season"s overarching narrative, however opened up the Avatar human being to new and interesting possibilities for future stories.Max Nicholson is a writer for, and he desperately looks for your approval. Sjust how him some love by following