Hey Lady--you acquired the love I needMaybe, more than sufficient.Oh Darling Darling Darling, walk a while with meOh you"ve acquired so much...Many times I"ve loved - Many type of times been bittenMany times I"ve gazed along the open up road.Many kind of times...

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When I translate lyrics, I never feel like I am digging incredibly deep into the interpretation. I will certainly attempt to do so here, however hear via me.Hey Lady--you acquired the love I needMaybe, even more than enoughAssuming that Robert Plant wrote these lyrics, I assume that he composed this line for his wife, or possibly his daughter (he has a line around her in "The Ocean" from the exact same album).Many times I"ve loved - Many type of times been bittenMany type of times I"ve gazed alengthy the open road. "Many kind of times I"ve loved" consists of no metaphor, "Many type of times been bitten" quite obviously is a metahpor for Plant"s heart being broken many times in the past. "Gazed alengthy the open up road" is a metaphor for realizing that the love is gone and moving on is currently the thing to do.Many times I"ve lied - Many kind of times I"ve listenedMany kind of times I"ve wondered just how much tright here is to recognize.These lines are pretty straightforward, "Many type of times I"ve lied - Many times I"ve listened" showing on just how we all do wrong and also best in our resides. "Wondered how a lot tbelow is to know" referring especially to the pursuit of understanding being infinite but perhaps trivial and also unimportant. Perhaps this can be taken in a wider feeling as one have the right to always self-improve however how perform you judge what advancement is and also wright here it ends so why get too over involved in it?Many dreams come true and also some have silver liningsI live for my dream and a pocketful of gold.These lines don"t fit in with the rest of my interpretation, and you would certainly have to understand Robert Plant personally to recognize what "my dream" is referring to, and also I"m certain "pocketful of gold" is a metaphor for somepoint over than hitting it wealthy (which he did, yet I"m sure it wasn"t a priority for him).Mellow is the man who knows what he"s been missingMany kind of many kind of males can not check out the open up road. I"m not sure what Plant was thinking about once he created this line yet I practically think its a little bit of commentary around exactly how we should perform what makes us happy.

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You can know you are absent somepoint and also be perfectly happy bereason perhaps its not all its cracked up to be.In its totality, I think this song is about the importance of finding love and happiness and also not being a afraid of going on a journey to uncover those things. Don"t acquire recorded up in trivial things bereason nobody is perfect and at the finish of the day, love and happiness are the points that issue.