Stretch marks have the right to undermine your appearance, lowering your self-esteem and also high quality of life. Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Kendall Peters and also Kristen Neilboy PA-C, perform stretch note removal for patients living in Oarray County and Central Florida at CPRS Med Spa, located in Orlanperform.

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What is Stretch Mark Removal?

Do you have actually distressing-looking stretch marks, marring your appearance? Stretch marks are tiny tears that deserve to take place in your skin, in the dermal (or deepest) layer, bring about those unsightly linear scars that you most likely try to hide amethod with your garments options. Don’t hide yourself ameans any much longer. Those areas wbelow your dermal tproblem has been torn and also separated leading to stretch marks have the right to be treated at CPRS Med Spa via laser-helped stretch mark removal. Our FDA-apverified laser treatment treatments are a safe and also efficacious therapy alternative that effectively penetprices right into your affected dermal layer of skin tissue, founding new collagen development which permits the aesthetic remodeling of these deleterious dermal scars, smoothing out your skin’s appearance, filling in the gaps with new collagen, and also reducing the depth, color and also appearance of stretch marks. Creams and lotions cannot efficiently attend to the underlying tconcern framework worries of stretch marks, which become visible because the layers of your skin in that location have actually a various thickness. But the underlying trouble is in the deep dermal layer of your skin, where creams and also serums cannot reach. So once you’re considering stretch mark treatment, for superior and long-lasting outcomes through minimal to no downtime bring about dramatic improvements in the appearance of your skin, select CPRS Med Spa in Orlanperform.


Example: Stretch Marks on Thigh

Am I a Candidate for Stretch Mark Removal?

Unfortunately, stretch marks are a reality of life for many world, whether brought on by pregnancy, weight transforms, or lifestyle factors, the underlying tear in the dermal layer of your skin reverbeprices upwards to the uppermost layers of your skin, developing the tell-tale straight stretch note irregularities in your skin’s appearance. Dr. Peters and his team have the right to market you a safe and reliable treatment solution for stretch mark removal via minimal to no downtime. The pulsed power transmitted by our fractional laser mechanism precisely targets the cosmetically disturbing discoloration of your stretch marks, triggering neocollagenesis, or the manufacturing of brand-new collagen, for long-lasting skin improvement and also rejuvenation. If your skin has actually stretched out as well easily and also to as well excellent a distance, resulting in coloured lines to appear on your body, no matter whether it is due to pregnancy, weight loss, or some various other variable, you deserve to count on CPRS Med Spa for efficient stretch mark removal, no matter what your age or skin form.

How is Stretch Mark Removal Percreated and How Long Does it Take?

Stretch note laser therapies at CPRS Med Spa are a non-surgical fractional laser procedure, using pulsed light to disincorporate stretch marks that sully your silhouette and also transform your garments options. You’ll gain an enhanced appearance to your skin after simply a few stretch note removal therapies, with noted renovations after simply your extremely first procedure. The size and also protocol used in your procedure for stretch note removal will vary from patient to patient, although typically therapies take less than half an hour to complete. A neighborhood anesthetic will certainly be administered at the beginning of the procedure to encertain your comfort. Once you are comfortable, during the treatment itself, pulsating laser light beam is passed over your skin, penetrating the dermal layers and also triggering increased collagen production. The skin is remodebrought about also out texture, and pigmentation issues are addressed for an extra also skin tone in its entirety. Following your therapy, your may feel extremely minimal discomfort, somewhat akin to a sunburn, which will settle quickly, and also any kind of initial swelling, bruising, and short-lived discoloration will quickly dissipate, revealing resurconfronted skin.

How Many type of Treatments Will I Need for Stretch Mark Removal?

The goal of stretch mark removal laser treatment is to alter the pigmentation and also underlying tconcern framework so that your residual stretch mark slowly will blend in through your surrounding skin until it visually vanishes. This procedure of progressively remodeling the dermis through the generation of even more collagen and elastin fibers will differ from patient to patient, as the severity and degree of dermal extending underlying a stretch mark is unique to each situation, and also in the time of your consultation we will carry out you via a treatment arrangement that outlines the variety of measures recommfinished to deal with your unique requirements.

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How Long Do Stretch Mark Removal Results Last?

Your stretch mark removal outcomes are sturdy, as the new collagen generated in your deeper dermal layers will certainly leave the area wbelow your stretch mark was smoother in texture and also more also in regards to pigmentation.

How Much Does Stretch Mark Removal Cost in Orlanexecute, FL?

Rekeep and also rejuvenate your appearance with stretch note removal from CPRS Med Spa. Contact us currently to set up your laser-assisted stretch mark removal consultation!