A video shows an airliner saved by a pickup truck after its landing gear malfunctioned.

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Published10 November 2014

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Rumors started to tout the supposedly remarkable abilities of the Nissan Frontier after the declaring firm TBWA Worldwide produced a commercial in 2011 reflecting the pickup truck saving a airplane after the latter’s landing gear malfunctioned:

annahcav: OMG: Landing Gear Faiattract Plane conserved by truck http://t.co/cDRry3byob"That truck driver"s a hero. We require more like him!

MaryJeanUK) October 6, 2013

That"s gonna be my next Sport Utility Vehicle #NissanFrontier Landing Gear Faiattract Plane saved by truck: http://t.co/2qsELwUYov by means of

The advertisement was presented choose a breaking news story, including witness reports, shaky handhosted footage, and also an intercheck out via the driver (an airport mechanic) that insisted he “was not a hero.” The video likewise included the words “Fictionalization. Do not attempt” written in little letters at the bottom of the screen, yet many type of viewers missed and were left believing they had watched a real news segment:

 Although many type of viewers thought the commercial portrayed a actual occasion, a 2013 Jalopnik article posited the feat presented in the advertisement was exceptionally implausible, if not outbest impossible:

You’d be dropping 5,000+ lbs onto the earlier of a Nissan Frontier that’s just rated for at most 1,500 lbs (assuming you’re driving the manual V6) and also that’s going 100+ MPH. That weight won’t hit all at once — it’ll gradually thrive heavier and also heavier as the pilot pitches the nose down. Pretty shortly you’ll break the tires, rims, suspension and also more.

The landing gear faitempt ad was just one of the deceptive tv spots produced by Nissan and TBWA Worldwide in 2011. One of their ads, entitled “Hill Climb,” was so misleading it increased the ire of the Federal Trade Commission, that shelp in a push release:

Nissan and TBWA supported the Frontier pickup truck through a “Hill Climb” advertisement that verified the vehicle rescuing a dune buggy trapped in sand on a steep hill, while onlookers observe the feat in amazement. It was created in a realistic “YouTube” style, as if it were swarm on a mobile phone video video camera.

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Administrative complaints allege that Nissan and also TBWA violated the FTC Act by representing that the ad accurately verified the performance of an unaltered Nissan Frontier under the problems that were shown. In truth, the truck is not capable of pushing the dune buggy up and over the hill, and both the truck and also the dune buggy were dragged to the peak of the hill by cables, according to the complaints. The complaints likewise allege that the hill was made to look significantly steeper than it actually was.

“Special impacts in ads can be entertaining, but advertisers can’t usage them to misrepresent what a product can perform,” sassist Jessica Rich, Director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. “This ad made the Nissan Frontier appear capable of doing somepoint it can’t execute.”