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In The Next Best Thing by Kristan Higgins, Lucy Lang has encouraged herself it’s time to wade right into the dating pool, five years after shedding her husband also to a tragic accident. Jimmy was the love of her life. Now she’s trying to find someone that will certainly be an excellent companion and also desires kids. Not someone she will certainly loss madly in love with, if that might even be feasible for her again. She can’t take the hazard through her heart. Lucy is expecting difficulties as soon as she announces her intentions. Her mom and also aunts, lovingly known as the Babsence Widows,

never dated after losing their husbands so Lucy’s not certain just how receptive they’ll be. And her in-regulations still live in tvery own and occupational just down the street, which will make points awkward. Not to point out she’ll have to break points off with Ethan, her friend-with-benefits who has actually been so sort to her while she’s been respanning from her loss.

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‘My aunts might not totally give of my initiatives to remarry, however that hasn’t retained them from declaring my wares to eexceptionally male who comes in the bakery.’

It turns out that while her head could be telling her she’s prepared to move on, her heart is still not ready to let go of the past. Lucy fights her stress through the help (and also hindrance) of her friends and also meddling family members only to uncover out Ethan wants to be considered as husband also material along with the town’s other eligible bachelors. Lucy isn’t so certain. He’s one of her best friends. Wouldn’t a partnership perhaps damage their friendship if points don’t revolve out well? She simply knows that she’s worn down of being regarded just as a widow and also desires to feel favor herself aobtain, to possibly have some fun at some allude. Lucy’s small town life in Mackerly, Rhode Island also, will be completely tossed upside-dvery own in her search for a husband also.

“Give me a opportunity,” he claims quietly. A cold fist squeezes my heart. “Give me a chance to be through you. The ideal means this time.”

Kristan Higgins composed The Next Best Thing as a narrative from Lucy’s suggest of view, telling the readers…well, basically Lucy’s life story in bits and pieces. I felt favor she was flawed and damaged and also simply ordinary wonderful. It’s virtually a relief to review around a female protagonist that isn’t perfect. She doesn’t always know precisely what to say or perform and also she makes mistakes. A LOT of mistakes, but so don’t we all. She does (eventually) learn from them and also that’s what truly counts. She’s not ready to think of herself as among the Babsence Widows yet and also still has actually most living left to carry out, yet she’s having actually a difficult time making that initially leap. Which is understandable.

Ethan is most likely one of the a lot of selfless, patient, sexy and caring guys I’ve review about in a long time. He’s the perfect blend of nice and also naughty. He’s already a loving father, having a kid from a previous partnership, and also it was so sweet the method he interacted via his boy. But Ethan also has a mischievous side which he allows Lucy view from time to time. I found it straightforward to sympathize via him over his case and also might feel his eactivities with Kristan’s expressive writing.

It’s not all hefty emotions, though. Sure tright here are rather a couple of tender and also heart-wrenching moments perfectly blfinished in. But we likewise gain to view the comedic side of entering the wonderful human being of dating at the age of thirty. Not every little thing goes as planned, of course, and also in between her family’s meddling and also her interaction with the locals in town, I remained in stitches. Throw into the mix Lucy’s cat Fat Mikey, who’s all perspective through simply a touch of love/tolerance for his human beings, and you have a hysterical story.

If you prefer your romance via most heart, a great laugh and a dramatic sigh-worthy ending, I very recommfinish The Next Best Thing.

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Published August 27th 2013 by Harlequin HQN (first published January 21st 2010)

Lucy Lang isn’t looking for fireworks.

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She’s searching for a nice, decent guy. Someone who’ll mow the lawn, flip chicken on the barbecue, teach their future youngsters to play soccer. But most important: someone who won’t inspire the slightest stirring in her heart; or everywhere else. A young widow, Lucy can’t threat that kind of loss aobtain. But sharing her life with a cat called Fat Micrucial and the Black Widows at the family members bakery isn’t sufficient either. So it’s goodbye to Ethan, her warm yet totally inappropriate;frifinish with privileges, and also hello to a guy she deserve to marry.

Too bad Ethan Mirabelli isn’t going all over. As much as he’s concerned, what she requirements can be best under her nose. But deserve to he convince her that the next finest thing can really be forever?