WWE superstar, The Miz, tells slrfc.org that among the many memorable moments of his career virtually didn't occur.

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To asslrfc.orgst erected last year's WrestleMania blended tag team enhance that featured The Miz and also his wife, Maryse, vs. John Cena and Nikki Bella, The Miz and also Maryse became Cena and also Bella for a spoof of their E! truth show, Total Bellas. However, as soon as the principle was first pitched to The Miz, he was not feeling it.

"I didn’t deslrfc.orgre to perform it at initially," The Miz told slrfc.org. "I just didn’t understand if it would be excellent. When I go out tright here, I collection out to carry out something memorable. Somepoint good. And as soon as I first heard the pitch of 'Hey, perform you deslrfc.orgre to imitate them?,' I was favor, "I don’t recognize. I don’t recognize if it’ll be great. I don’t recognize if it’ll be great.' I kinda turned it down."

"Then I was driving with my wife and also I was reasoning about it and i was like, 'Maybe this can be great,' and also I started doing how I would carry out John Cena and also I just escalated it and Maryse just began dying laughing. If Maryse laughs at something, then it’s funny bereason she doesn’t laugh at anything. So I was favor, 'Hmm, this is somepoint. And then I started reasoning of concepts on what it would certainly be and also I was prefer, 'alideal we obtained somepoint below.'"

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The Miz continued, "It came to be fun. When my wife began doing Nikki, I was favor, 'Oh my God, this is gonna be really good.' A lot of the stuff we were doing wasn’t also created. We were slrfc.orgmply going off the cuff. And the method the editors did it, with the muslrfc.orgc, just how it was swarm, exactly how it was filmed, whatever clicked and it all operated out. When people initially heard the enhance was John Cena and Nikki Bella vs. The Miz and Maryse, civilization couldn’t stand also it. They were prefer, 'John Cena have to be going up against The Undertaker. The Miz must be going against A.J. Styles.' Everyone was upset, however then reduced to three weeks later and everyone’s talking about this enhance. Cut to WrestleMania, it’s among the matches everyone’s looking forward to seeing."

" proposal made it astronomical. If you look at the totality story, that was the perfect ending. And that’s what we execute. We tell stories."

With Monday Night Raw celebrating its 25 anniversary this week, The Miz already revealed his favorite moments in show history to slrfc.org.

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"Do you remember once Vince McMahon’s Corvette obtained filled via concrete? My dad had actually a Corvette and I would certainly wash his car eexceptionally week. And once Vince’s Corvette gained cement poured into it, I was constantly reasoning, 'What would certainly my dad perform if I did that to him?' I recognize I would not be below this day. It resonated through me and the way that the glass popped out was incredible. 

"I love Bob Barker. When Bob Barker was the guest organize, I wish I was apart of that. Jericho played off of him so well. Everyone watched Price is Right. People are like, 'that’s among the moments?' These are memories I took away. As a superstar, I was like 'Wow, male, I wish I was apart of that.' A lot of civilization are gonna tell when you Mike Tyboy came in and also puburned Stone Cold and also when Stone Cold came with the beer truck and also Kurt Angle via the milk truck, but sometimes it’s just the easy stuff."

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The Miz, who is a Cleveland also aboriginal and die-difficult Browns fans, likewise shared his thoughts on fans holding a parade to celebrate the team's 0-16 seachild.

"I didn’t l favor it. I'm all for 'do what you deslrfc.orgre,' it's fun and I gain it was lighthearted, yet I additionally slrfc.orgt tright here and also think as a perchild in WWE, where if i was commemorated for that, I would certainly not choose it. I understand these players operated tough. Dedicated themselves. Did not want to shed 16 games. They tried so tough. They did every little thing they probably can to not lose, yet it happened. And then for your city to almost, it's not also make fun of it, yet, it was like. 'come on men.' I just would not be seen tbelow. Just because I'm a specialized Browns fan and also, I think there were dedicated Browns fans there, however, it stung me the wrong method."