The multi-talented Jamie Foxx required to the stage to honor the King of Country Music in a CBS event referred to as the “George Strait Special.” Foxx, being from a strikingly small town in Texas, explained a time in his childhood once he attempted to snag a seat in a neighborhood venue that the legendary George Strait was perdeveloping at.

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tompettyofficial was one to remember! Honored to cover "You Wreck Me", a song that made the Cowboy Rides Amethod collection list, and one that still gets percreated at the Strait To Vegas mirrors.

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George’s Biggest Fan

Being a devoted fan of shade, Foxx admitted that he was turned away, but still bragged for many type of years that George Strait concerned his tiny tvery own. Two years prior to this performance took area, Foxx and Strait met for this first time and also reminisced around the time The King remained in Foxx’s hometown.

The actor likewise proclaimed that no matter what shade your skin was, you might appreciate the sexiness in Strait’s songs, leading to the nation legfinish to blush. Following his nostalgic memory, Foxx smoothly transitioned into a tribute performance of the classic “You Look So Good In Love,” gracing the audience through his vibrant vocals and impeccable array.

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A Soulful Classic

The Oscar-winner’s soulful strategy to the nation hit offered this melody a striking new sound that, although vastly different from the original, appeased the audience and obtained a much-deoffered standing ovation!

Watch the performance below.



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