In May of 1987 I had actually just finimelted my sophomore year at Texas Christian University, was one year amethod from getting my first computer system, and also had actually a relatively severe obsession through rock and also roll, mainly of the classic array and through a heavy dose of the Texas blues-rock revival thrown in. I had maybe two dozen CDs at this point, my wide range were all vinyl, and also I review Rolling Stone and Spin voraciously. No VH1 Behind the Music or Classic Albums Series, no 33 ⅓ publications, Lester Bangs was dead, social interpretation of rock was in its insophisticated, and while MTV was redefining the visualization of music, tright here weren’t many type of filmed histories of rock’s good bands — I think perhaps this was because the concept of a “rockumentary” as historical narrative didn’t take place to many the era’s musicians, sindicate because they were still actively functioning. There had actually been excellent rock documentaries, yet they generally captured a moment in time, a tour or concert: Martin Scorsese’s The Last Waltz, Albert and David Maysles’ Gimme Shelter, D.A. Pennebaker’s Monterey Pop and also Don’t Look Back, Michael Wadleigh’s Woodstock. Rather than tell a story of an artist or era, these movies came to be a part of their respective subjects’ legends, and only sometimes, as through the movie Jimi Hendrix, released three years after Hendrix’s death, was there an attempt to administer historical perspective or commentary from contemporaries.

Derek Taylor in 1970, from Wikipedia

Into my 1987 civilization dropped the British documentary It Was Twenty Years Ago Today, which, as you could mean, looked at the Beatles album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band also, echoing in its title the first line of the first song on the album. But, fairly than profile simply that document, or just the Beatles, the movie used Sgt. Pepper’s to explore the bigger cultural shifts happening throughout the civilization in 1967. By combining new interviews through vintage footage, and also keeping an appreciative yet well balanced perspective, It Was Twenty Years Ago Today manages in its 105 minutes to be both entertaining and also sheight through some authority on rock’s resulting age. Produced by Derek Taylor, the Beatles’ press officer up till his fatality in 1997, the film is both an “inside job” and also broadly illuminating, showing 1967 with the lens of among that year’s, and also rock’s, best recordings. Taylor additionally publiburned an accompanying book.

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