For students deciding whether they want to go to a dental school or medical school, the complying with question might be on their minds:

“Is the DAT harder than the MCAT?”

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The MCAT is primarily for pre-med students, while the DAT is for pre-dental students. However before, depending upon the path the student wants to take, they may have the ability to take either one to attain their career objectives. In this overview, we will testimonial both exams and their levels of obstacle. After reading, you will certainly know every little thing necessary to decide which exam they would prefer to take.

Outline of the DAT


The DAT (Dental Admissions Test) is an exam that is component of the admissions process for dental institution. Educators offer students this exam to assess their potential for success in a dental school regime. The test procedures academic capability, understanding of scientific information, and also perceptual capability.

Prometric administers the exam at test centers in the United States and also Canada year-round, however tright here may be restrictions as a result of COVID-19.

The test consists of numerous multiple-alternative questions in 4 sections:

Survey of Natural SciencesQuantitative ReasoningReading ComprehensionPerceptual Ability

Tbelow are generally 5-10 hard questions and also 30 in the basic to tool array. The maximum score you can obtain on the DAT is 30, but the average performance is 17-18. Most applicants admitted to dental institution average scores roughly 20.8.

All dental colleges in the USA need their students to take the DAT. You can take the exam as much as 3 times, and each attempt expenses $360.

Synopsis of the MCAT


The MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) is an exam offered to students preparing to enter clinical college. Several countries administer the test for their clinical students (United States, Canada, Australia, and also the Caribbean Islands). The exam tests expertise of clinical ethics and principles.

The present version of the MCAT exam reports scores in 4 sections:

Biology and Biochemisattempt (Foundations of Living Systems)Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of BehaviorPhysical and Chemical Foundations of Biological SystemsCritical Analysis and also Reasoning Skills

The maximum score you deserve to get on the MCAT is 528 for all 4 sections merged. A excellent score is at leastern 508. The price of the MCAT presently stands at $320.

Almany all medical institutions in the USA require you to submit MCAT scores no older than 3 years old. You have the right to additionally check out our article on How Many kind of Times Can You Take The MCAT for more indevelopment.

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How Are the DAT and MCAT similar?


Tbelow are a couple of similarities between the 2 exams:

Graduate School Admission — If you want to go to clinical college, you will have to take the MCAT. If you desire to go to dental school, you need to take the DAT.Price — Both exams are expensive; the DAT is $360 while the MCAT is $320. Remember that the expense of the exams tends to boost annually.Duration — Both exams are extremely lengthy. The DAT is 5 hrs lengthy, and also the MCAT is 7.5 hours long.Method — Both tests are on the computer system.Content — Both tests have actually a lot of the exact same content, particularly for biology and chemisattempt.Reading Comprehension — Both exams have actually reading comprehension sections.

How Are the DAT and MCAT different?

Although the exams have similarities, they additionally have quite a few differences:

Science Passages — The MCAT has actually passages in each area of the exam, but the DAT only has actually reading passages in the reading comprehension area. It arguably provides the DAT easier, as you execute not must check out a lot to answer concerns.Physics — Pre-med students need to answer physics questions on the MCAT, but pre-dental students perform not have any type of physics concerns on the DAT.Mathematics — Tbelow are a lot more math questions on the DAT than tbelow are on the MCAT. However, pre-dental students will certainly have accessibility to a calculator when taking the DAT. Pre-med students will certainly not have actually a calculator.Perceptual Ability — The DAT tests perceptual ability and also spatial visualization through inquiries on two- and three-dimensional perception.Test Dates — The DAT is accessible year-round, while you have the right to just register for the MCAT 20-25 days per year.Viewing Results — You should wait at leastern one month to check out your MCAT scores. DAT scores are easily accessible automatically after experimentation.

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DAT vs. MCAT: Which Exam Is Harder?


Many test-takers believe that the MCAT is even more hard than the DAT. The MCAT concentrates on lengthy passeras and areas of scientific research such as physics. The DAT does not contain biochemistry or physics questions, and also the many challenging part is the perceptual capacity section. You can additionally see our When Should You Take The MCAT right here for more guidance on taking the MCAT and also How Hard Is The MCAT for our complete review.

Conclusion — DAT vs. MCAT: Which Should I Take?

The obstacle of the exam need to not be the #1 variable to consider once selecting which one to take. If you desire a career in dentistry, you must take the DAT. If you want to attfinish medical institution, take the MCAT.

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Every career in the clinical area needs diligence and tough work-related. Analyze both paths and also decide which one is best for you.