Jessica Kolber, right, shakes hands with a project seeker at a job fair in Burfinancial institution, Calif., on March 19. (Lucy Nicholson/Reuters)

Picking employees who are ideal for a task opening can be a tricky job. An interviewer need to have an eye for the intangibles of a candidate’s drive, personality and social abilities — and also make a call on the candidate’s fitness for a task after just one or 2 meetings.

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What if you can automate that process?

Companies such as Arlington-based CEB have sold firms on electronic aptitude tests for years, but some of the region’s best employers — consisting of hospital large Inova and at leastern one federal firm — are currently including personality tests to their screening procedure.

Infor, a New York-based cloud analytics company, sells employers a 45-minute personality test called “Talent Science” that “exposes a candidate’s behavior DNA” by trial and error 39 behavioral, cognitive and also social traits and also comparing the results through those of the high performers currently in the door. The company claims that it has assessed a whopping 11 percent of the full U.S. workpressure, and in March it announced a new suite of solutions for federal employers.

Here’s how it works:

When an employer signs up, a critical mass of workers currently at the company take the test. After a brief web page of logic games resembling a fifth-grade math test, applicants are forwarded to 210 personality-based questions asking the applicant to agree or disagree via a presented statement. Some of these statements are even more obviously intentioned, tinted to identify exactly how someone will interact via co-workers, such as, “It is finest to withorganize unrenowned opinions,” “It is frustrating when companies adjust existing work procedures” or “I set my work-related aside to help co-workers with their job-related.”

Other questions are more vague: “I am very experienced in the arts,” “I spend a lot of my leisure time imagining” or “I prefer a place that has actually power.”

The test plots the individual’s personality based on the answers, and Infor’s analysts compare the results through some form of performance measure to spot the high performers and the low performers — say, a measure of deals closed, or homes flipped, widgets created — yet success is measured for the project opening. Merging the personality and also the performance information allows the firm to produce a “performance profile” pinpointing the distinct personality traits that define a high performer for a certain duty at that specific company.

The concept is that once task applicants take the test, the employer have the right to check out whether he or she has the personality of a high performer or a low perprevious.

Josh Bersin, primary and also founder at Bersin by Deloitte, a talent-monitoring advisory business, says corresponding employees to those already in the device isn’t necessarily positive.

“Let’s expect you’re an engineering firm and also you have actually the majority of introverts, and then you test and recognize they’re an extrovert. That might be someone who’s excellent to have actually,” he sassist.

Bersin claims that personality tests are much better used for coaching, not for screening people at the door. “Tbelow are a lot much better methods to use massive information for selection than this,” he sassist.

“The finest way to use these tests is to attempt to characterize the high performers and say, ‘What is it around them that can be replicated?’ ”

But the company says it’s about even more than simply finding world that fit in.

“It’s not a cookie-cutter procedure to watch exactly how have the right to I fit civilization in and make certain everybody’s a robot. It’s about figuring out how to put civilization in duties they’re going to appreciate,” sassist Jaboy Taylor, Infor’s chief scientist for humale capital management.

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Taylor said that the hiring managers usage the software application not simply to give an applicant a thumbs up or thumbs dvery own for a details place, however to pinpoint wbelow someone will be happiest among a range of positions.