I’ll be hocolony that Finding Neverland on Broadway was initially not a display I wanted to check out. Why? It’s about JM Barrie’s journey in writing Peter Pan. And I’m not a fan of Peter Pan. But I wanted to view among the boys that plays a Davies brother (Alex Dreier) as I’m friends with his parental fees from our college days. And I went to see Billy Elliot once Alex was cast in the display, however he wasn’t perdeveloping that night (the boy actors take turns and also you’re never rather certain who will on phase that night). The various other reason was that I was doing an annual theater night via my writer friends throughout a conference. We took a vote as to what present to see, and also Finding Neverland also was at the height of everyone’s list.

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I’m so glad I went. The 20 or so in our group walked away raving about it. And we were all shocked that Finding Neverland also didn’t gain a solitary Tony nomination, because it was fabulous. It did win several audience alternative awards from Broadmeans.com, including favorite brand-new musical, favorite leading actor, favorite onphase pair and favorite brand-new song.

The plot

Finding Neverland focuses on author JM Barrie, a playwbest who has actually lost his touch and is in a downward spiral professionally. While he’s trying to come up through a brand-new concept, he meets the Davies boys and also their widowed mother. He has actually no children of his own and he builds a distinct connection via them, and also via their mom. Thstormy their playfulness and also story telling, he comes up through a fantasy that is Neverland and the Peter Pan story (here’s a hint – among the Davies boys is called Peter).

What worked?

I loved the music, which was relocating. The staging was beautiful. We were wowed a number of times, including throughout the scenes including a dream sequence on the pirate watercraft, through ropes carried from the edge of the stage up to the top, and piprices climbing up. This is the scene they’ll percreate live at the Tony Awards.

The spark of Tinkerbell, numerous times throughout the present, was magical. Even (spoiler alert!) Sylby means of Davies’ death was magical, via fans blowing on phase, taking her dress up and away in a cascade of glitter. It was beautiful (and also our totality row was crying).


The present had some funny lines, many type of of them by producer Charles Frohman (Kelsey Grammer), including one apparent nod to his days on Cheers. One funny one from the male who hated kids was “youngsters are prefer souffles, pointless until elevated.”

We loved the dinner party scene via a raucous musical number that had actually the actors dancing on the table.

The acting

Many type of most likely go to the present to check out Matthew Morrichild that plays JM Barrie, and also Kelsey Grammer, that plays the producer. They did a great job via both the singing and the acting, as did the remainder of the cast. The guy who played the butler was hilarious. We were amazed through the four boys that played the Davies brothers (we observed Aidan Gemme, Christopher Paul Richards, Sawyer Nunes and also Alex Dreier). They had most phase time consisting of their very own songs, and they were true pros. Having a son around the same age, it provides me appreciate even even more what they are doing bereason I can’t imagine my child being able to perform anything cshed to this.

Our Finding Neverland also selfie through actors Aidan Gemme and also Alex Dreier. They gained their image earlier that night through Jennifer Lawrence, so this photo op was most likely extremely disappointing to them. Jennifer didn’t stick approximately to take photos with us, so that’s her loss.

What didn’t work?

The Peter Pan character was totally creepy. I hated the audience yelling that they believed in Tinkerbell at the finish. Hated it.

Is Finding Neverland also proper for kids?

Yes, Finding Neverland is a good display to take the children, through a pair of appointments. In the show, the Davies kids shed their father (before the show starts), and also in the end they (spoiler alert!) lose their mother as well. While this was tackled accordingly, through no graphic fatality scenes, for some youngsters this can be disturbing, particularly if they begin worrying around it happening to them. Tright here are some scenes wbelow the boys present their emovements about losing their father and are afraid of shedding their mommy.

Anvarious other problem (spoiler alert!) is the implication that JM Barrie is cheating on his wife and falling in love with someone else. The marriage is not a happy one and also I don’t think it can be any kind of clearer that they’re a bad complement. While there is no physical cheating, tright here is emotional cheating, and also it’s part of the plot. The various other problem is that tright here are a few scenes via Captain Hook that can be a little scary. One frifinish thinks I’m overblowing this and that kids wouldn’t be scared, but there’s some loud noises, a storm scene and a scary Captain Hook.

There are some excellent messperiods for the youngsters, consisting of the primary one from Barrie to write your very own story instead of doing what others want and also expect from you.

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Where: Finding Neverland is at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater, 205 W. 46th Street.

Tickets: See our Broadway tickets for children page for exactly how to acquire continuous and also discount Finding Neverland also tickets

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