Former NCIS star Michael Weatherly became a household name after playing the character Tony DiNozzo. He and also his co-star Cote de Pablo came into viewers’ dwellings each week as the fan-favorite duo Tony and also Ziva. They had actually an undeniable chemisattempt that had fans anticipating what adendeavor the pair would certainly encounter following. Here’s the surprising answer Weatherly as soon as gave once asked around his initially impression of de Pablo.

Michael Weatherly and also Cote de Pablo sparked romance rumors

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Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo, Mark Harmon | Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images

So, what did Michael Weatherly think about Cote de Pablo as soon as they initially met? In his intercheck out with Entertainment Tonight, Weatherly said he was quite taken by the actress. He had nothing yet great feelings around her ideal ameans. “My initially impression was that you were an extremely put-together young lady from New York. I was amazed by the focus and also the clarity of the performance, and also prior to I kbrand-new it, I had fallen hopelessly, desperately into an enchanted spell,” sassist Weatherly. De Pablo was impressed through Weatherly’s response. “Wow. That was rather the answer,” she exdeclared.

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The name Michael Weatherly would give if he and also Cote de Pablo were in a relationship

During their time on the present, Weatherly’s character (TonyDiNozzo) and also de Pablo’s character (Ziva David) were romantically associated. Fansstarted to speak to them Tiva, which is a combination of Tony and also Ziva. This promptedde Pablo to ask Weatherly what name he would offer them if they were a pair inactual life. The actor shelp he would certainly give them the nickname “ham and cheese.”Who’s the ham and also who’s the cheese? Weatherly shelp he would certainly be the ham and also de Pablowould certainly be the cheese.

Why Cote de Pablo thinks she and Michael Weatherly had actually good chemistry on NCIS

Michael Weatherly and also Cote de Pablo at CBS occasion | Jim Spellman/WireImage

Cote de Pablo thinks she and Weatherly took pleasure in greatchemisattempt on NCIS bereason of their audition. She explained Weatherly asbeing playful and flirty. He later drove her home and also then they realized theygot along well external of the NCIS set. The actress states during theirride to her house it became clear that the pair “totally clicked.”

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