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Publication description

Industrial Organization, fifth Edition is a complete, but concise, introduction to modern industrial business economics. This book uniquely supplies the tools of game concept, information economics, contracting worries, and also handy examples to research all facets of industrial company. It improves students" knowledge of the strategic behavior of firms, the structure of markets, and also imperfect competition.

Table of contents

Preconfront to the Fifth Edition Part One: Foundations 1: Industrial Organization: What, How, and Why 2: Basic Microbusiness economics 3: Market Structure and Market Power 4: Technology and Cost Part Two: Monopoly Power in Theory and also Practice 5: Price Discrimination and also Monopoly: Linear Pricing 6: Price Discrimination and Monopoly: Nonstraight Pricing 7: Product Variety and also Quality Under Monopoly 8: Commodity Bundling and also Tie-In Sales Part Three: Strategic Interactivity and also Basic Oligopoly Models 9: Static Games and Cournot Competition 10: Oligopolistic Price Competition 11: Dynamic Gamings and First and also 2nd Movers Part Four: Anticompetitive Behavior and also Antitrust Policy 12: Enattempt Deterrence and Predation 13: Predatory Conduct: More Recent Developments 14: Price Fixing, Repeated Games, and also Antitrust Policy Part Five: Contractual Relations Between Firms 15: Horizontal Mergers 16: Vertical and also Conglomeprice Mergers 17: Vertical Price Restraints 18: Non-Price Vertical Restraints Part Six: Non-Price Competition 19: Advertising, Market Power, and also Information 20: Research and also Development 21: Patents and also Patent Policy Part Seven: Netfunctions, Auctions, and also Strategic Policy Commitment 22: Network Issues 23: Auctions: Basic Theory and Applications 24: Strategic Commitments and International Trade

Product information

Title: Industrial Organization: Conshort-term Theory and Empirical Applications, fifth Edition Author(s): Release date: January 2014 Publisher(s): Wiley ISBN: 9781118250303


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