In "The Sky is Low, the Clouds are Average," what human behavior does the snowflake display?

a. it cannot comprise its mind.

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b. it is suppose and nasty.

c. it is full of complaints

d. it has trouble acquiring in addition to others.


The answer is indeed A. it cannot make up its mind.


The poem by Emily Dickinchild uses personification, which is a number of speech authors employ to give huguy qualities or attributes to objects, animals, or also concepts. By doing so, they make their writing more descriptive, poetic, and also imaginative. About the snowflake, the speaker says,

A travelling flake of snow

Across a barn or with a rut

Debates if it will certainly go.

Similar to a person, this snowflake seems to be able to think, to reason, and also to doubt. It is not certain, it is debating, if it will certainly go. Although it is just a things, the snowflake has actually attributed such humale behavior. Because of this, the correct answer is A. it cannot comprise its mind.

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Read the following narrative prompt:
bonufazy <111>

Answer: Making weekly meal plans helps me buy just as a lot food as I will certainly require and also have the right to usage prior to it spoils.


The choices include:

a. I grow my own tomatoes and also herbs in pots on my balcony.

b. I will certainly compose around learning how to make homemade soups and also stews that usage up leftovers.

c. Making weekly meal plans helps me buy only as a lot food as I will require and deserve to use before it spoils.

d. Everyone must contact and lobby their regional legislators to adjust regulations that force restaurants and also grocery stores to throw food ameans rather of donating it to shelters and also food financial institutions.

The answer to the above question is "Making weekly meal plans helps me buy just as a lot food as I will certainly require and can usage before it spoils".

The first option is incorrect as it didn"t specify or relate to the essay as nothing was disputed about waphase.

The second choice is wrong as the option was around the use of leftovers to make soups. This is wrong bereason the thesis must be around exactly how to reduce waphase.

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The third option is correct as making weekly meal plans will assist in the reduction of wastages.