two a night, but he seems to have unlimited energy. Doug is inappropriately self-confident as he veers from one grandiose idea to another in his plans to become rich and famous. Doug appears to be experiencing:(A) a major depressive episode(B) negative symptoms of schizophrenia(C) dissociative personality disorder(D) a manic state

D, a manic state


Manic episode (state) is part of a condition called bipolar disorder.

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This episode is characterized by elevated mood, inflated self-esteem, decreased need for sleep, extreme cognitive productivity and excessive involvement in pleasurable activities.

The maniac phase last for about couple of days, usually less than a week. It is followed by a depressive episode where the affected person feels abandoned, lost, full of doubts and without the will to do anything at all.

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1. Decisions are carried out on his word alone (no fighting or bickering)

2. Clear line of succession

3. Can inspire GREAT loslrfc.orglty among the people, creating a strong bond to hold a nation together.


1. Varying quality of hereditary leaders (a great leader may be followed by one that is not so great)

2. Difficult for a monarch to run a modern nation (the job has become simply too big for just any one but the great monarchs to do well)



1. Power centralized in a single person (more efficient)

2. Complete control of the military and police; can put an end to political unrest and maintain peace and order


1.Dictators can abuse citizens who oppose his rule(Good example is Animal Farm)

2.Citizens may demand that the dictator return control to elected officials



1. Single state-supported religion encourages political and social unity.

2. Ensures that leaders make their decisions in line with their citizens values and beliefs


1. Making sure everyone follows the teaching of just ONE religion can be hard.

2. Citizens who do not believe in the religion of the majority CAN have their rights abused, or taken away!!

Single-state Party:


1. Avoids bickering between different political parties.


1. Views of party members may be very different from the interest of the people as a whole leading to unrest.

2.People with different views on politics are often completely shut out of the political process.

Parliamentary Democracy:


1. Combines the legislative and executive branches.

2. Since the legislature and the prime minister come from the same party its easier to pass legislation.

3. Prime minister controls the executive branch, which means legislation can quickly become law.


1. Lack of separation of executive and legislative branches means the prime minister is VERY powerful.

2. Considered unstable.

Presidential Democracy:


1.President is directly elected by the people; which makes him more responsive to the people.

2.Separates executive and legislative powers; allows each branch to watch the other branches to prevent any abuse of power.

3. Fixed terms allows more STABLE system.


1.Almost impossible to remove a president from power before their terms end.

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2. Hard to reach an agreement when presidents are NOT from the political party that CONTROLS the legislature.