key is an man-made PK presented by the designer via the function of simplifying the assignment of main keys to tables.

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design views the information as part of a table or arsenal of tables in which all crucial values should be figured out.
The problems between architecture performance, information requirements, and handling speed are often readdressed via ____.
A table wright here all attributes are dependent on the primary essential and also are independent of each other, and also no row consists of 2 or even more multivalued facts about an entity, is shelp to be in ____.
In a perfect (database design) world, the level of desired granularity is figured out at the ____ style or at the demands gathering phase.
Unnormalized tables yield no basic strategies for creating virtual tables, which are additionally known as ____.
A minimum of one and a maximum of many instances of this class are connected through an circumstances of the other associated class (indicates a mandatory class).
describes the variety of instances of one entity that are linked via one instance of a connected entity.
A ____ connection is one in which a relationship deserve to exist between incidents of the very same entity set.
Which attribute(s) consist of the major essential in the table definition CLASS (CRS_CODE, CLASS_SECTION, CLASS_TIME, CLASS_ROOM, PROF_NUM)?
Suppose that Tiny College offers numerous courses; each course has numerous classes. It is feasible for the department to produce the entity COURSE initially and then create the CLASS entity after making the teaching assignments. In this instance, what cardinality will certainly appear for CLASS in the ERD?
A ____ entity has actually a main crucial that is partially or entirely acquired from the parent entity in the partnership.
If no ____ symbol is depicted via an entity, the entity exists in a mandatory partnership via the associated entity.
The preferred means to recurrent multivalued characteristics in a DBMS is to create a brand-new entity written of the original multivalued attribute"s components in a(n) ____ relationship with the original entity.
Remember that the nature of the connection is frequently figured out by the ____, who must use experienced judgment to recognize which connection kind and toughness ideal suit the database transaction, performance, and also information demands.
A ____ focuses mostly on storing data provided to generate indevelopment required to make tactical or strategic decisions.
The ____ receives all application repursuits and also translates them right into the facility operations compelled to accomplish researches.
In response to the raising intricacy of applications, two brand-new information models emerged: the object-oriented information model and also the ____ relational information design.
The ERDM is primarily geared to business applications, while the OODM has a tendency to focus on ____ applications.
In the OO information design, a class" ____ represents a real-civilization action such as finding a selected PERSON"s name.
dictates that the international key should contain worths that match the primatry vital in the associated table or must contain nulls.
In a connection, as soon as a primary key from one table is likewise identified in a 2nd table, the area is referred to as a ____ in the second table.
The ____ have the right to be explained as a comprehensive mechanism information dictionary that describes all objects within the database, including information around table names, the table"s creator and also creation day, the variety of columns in each table, the data type corresponding to each column, index filenames, index creators, authorized individuals and access privileges.
The problems innate in the many-to-many kind of (:) partnership have the right to easily be avoided by creating a ____ entity.
If a international key includes either equivalent worths or nulls, the table(s) that manipulate such a international key is/are said to exhilittle ____ integrity.
Within a table, the main essential should be unique so that it will certainly identify each row. When this is the situation, the table is said to exhibit ____ integrity.

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are specifically beneficial as soon as you are trying to determine what value(s) in related tables cause(s) referential integrity troubles.