"I'm Sorry Jon I Was So Hungry:" Creepy Gararea Meme Explained The "I"m sorry Jon I was so hungry" comic sexpedition kicked off the Creepy Gararea meme, which reimagines the lazy cat as a horrific monster.

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creepy garfield meme
"I"m sorry Jon, I was so hungry" is just one of many type of examples of the "Creepy Garfield" meme. Look before "Creepy Garfield" came to be a point, the original comic spilgrimage was first publimelted in 1978 and follows the titular character. Garfield is an very lazy, lasagne obsessed cat and the sexpedition deals with his relationships via long-experiencing owner Jon and also Odie, Jon"s pet dog.

Garfield"s sardonic humor has actually viewed the comic sexpedition run for over 40 years and also the character has spreview out to other mediums. This contains TV specials and also shows prefer Gararea And Friends, novels and 2 live-action movies. Bill Murray voiced the character in both movies, though he later revealed he just signed on bereason the manuscript had actually Joel Cohen"s name on it, which he mistook for Joel Coen (No Country For Old Men) of Coen Brothers fame. While Murray obtained excellent reviews for his work, the original film was met with mediocre reviews, through Murray even making a joke about it during his Zombieland cameo; why he went back for 2006"s Garfield: A Story Of Two Kitties is a mystery though.

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A brand-new Garfield movie is currently in advancement via Mark Dindal (The Emperor"s New Groove) attached as director. One point fans of the lazy kitty might have noticed in current years is a secure climb in the "Creepy Garfield" meme, which generally reimagines the cat as some form of Lovecraftian monster tormenting Jon. One of the many famous examples is the seriously eerie "I"m sorry Jon I was so hungry" strip by artist Dubblebaby, wbelow Jon walks to discover his home spanned in a strange pattern - only to realize Garfield has actually swpermitted the entire residence.

The "Creepy Garfield" meme started to spreview from tright here, via even more fan art morphing the cat into a creature resembling something from John Carpenter"s The Thing. Artist William Burke created a number of horrifying "Creepy Garfield" images seemingly influenced by renowned Manga artist Junji Ito. In these photos, Gararea has morphed right into a variety of forms, consisting of some sort of spider monster, and is chasing after a terrified Jon trying to find some lasagne. In eincredibly image, he carries a disturbingly wide grin as Jon cowers in are afraid.

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The "Creepy Garfield" meme only continues to spreview, via the William Blake imeras later on being mocked up for a collection of brief video clips imagining it as an 8-little bit Game Boy title. Because the arrival of the "I"m sorry Jon I was so hungry" strip, the "Creepy Garfield" meme has actually end up being ever before more creative. It"s gained to the phase wright here some fans would more than likely love to watch a full-blvery own horror movie based upon the concept, but offered the family-friendly nature of the franchise, this is unmost likely.