1) Fixed expenses per unit is inversely proportional to the volume of devices produced.

You are watching: If the volume of activity doubles in the relevant range, total variable costs will also double.

2) Total variable prices readjust in direct proportion to changes in the volume of production.

3) Variable cost per unit is constant throughout various appropriate varieties.

4) Fixed costs per unit decrease as manufacturing levels decrease.

5) If the volume of activity doubles in the appropriate range, total variable costs will certainly also double.

6) Fixed cost per unit is assumed to be constant within a particular pertinent variety of task.

7) Total variable expenses adjust in direct propercent to a readjust in volume.

8) During the existing year, Simpkid Inc. incurred $5,000 solved and also $12,000 variable expenses. If the number of devices developed is halved following year, the agency will certainly incur $2,500 as solved and $6,000 as variable prices.

9) Within the pertinent variety, the total resolved expenses and the variable expense per unit remain the very same.

10) Total addressed expenses can adjust from one pertinent range to another.

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