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Track Released: 2003

One Thing Lyrics

Restless tonightCause I wasted the lightBetween both these timesI drew a really thin lineIt’s nothing I plannedAnd not that I canBut you need to be mineAcross that lineIf I traded it allIf I offered it all ameans for one...

Ok, I"m weighing in on this.I think that this song IS about something wanted and longed for, something he knows he shouldn"t have actually. Somepoint he knows he should turn ameans from, however whatever tells him that he can"t just walk amethod. It stays on his mind, his heart. I think it"s attributed to a forbidden love. If you pay attention to the lyrics AND the song at the same time, I think the music sounds as if it builds up, in intensity. It"s nearly sad, mourningful... yet full of suspense and urgency.Restmuch less tonight (I can not sleep)Cause I wasted the light (I thought about her all day)Between both these times (and also in my thinking)I attracted a really thin line (I made flimsy boundaries)It"s nothing I planned (Didn"t arrangement on that or the love)And not that I deserve to (Wouldn"t have been appropriate)But you have to be mine (I want her despite the obstacles)Across that line (Can"t I simply forget boundaries?)If I traded it all (My totality life would change)If I offered it all ameans for one point (Could I live with it)Just for one point (Losing whatever for ONE gain)If I sorted it out (If I figured out a way)If I knew all about this one thing (If I might ONLY have her)Wouldn"t that be somepoint (How wonderful it would be)I promise I could (Most times I deserve to hold my feelings in)Not walk on by (And these feelings streatment me)Maybe following time (Maybe I could be solid later)But not this time (But for currently, I can not fight it anymore)Even though I recognize (I know complete well what"s at risk)I do not want to recognize (I want to foracquire and also ignore that)Yeah I guess I recognize (I know I have to offer it all away)I just hate exactly how it sounds (Please do not organize it versus me)This is what I view, what I picture. I can literally make my very own video showing this individual problem within himself. At initially, reasoning around just how much this has actually influenced his thoughts all day, and now he can"t sleep bereason of it. The boundaries made, but they could be so easily dismissed. And just how amazing it would certainly be... Sure, I"d need to shed everything else, however it exceptionally well could be worth it. And if it WERE worth it, it would be the many amazing thing ever before. Then, after thinking around it and weighing the instance, he can not fight it anyeven more. He knows what he has to do, he knows it looks so bad on him, looks so dishonorable... however he can"t assist it anymore. The music changes support this, in my opinion. Starting out soft and also slow-moving, as he"s at his wits end, not learning what to do. Frustration structure up at the first chorus... Thinking (BUT... what IFFFF!) then slowing aacquire, (I"ve been fighting so difficult, but I can"t anymore). Becoming slightly more intense at the second chorus, repeating the words, as if running with his thoughts that way. Slow aacquire, with the sad believed of what should be done. Sreduced still for second repeat (I have to perform this, and also it will hurt someone else, I"m sorry yet...) Way more intense at the third chorus.... He"s offered in, he"s going for it despite the losses, there will certainly be SUCH a gain, and also he can not offer that up. (YES! I MUST realize this dream!!)Okay, so I know this song is NOT brand-new, and even the short article isn"t, yet the a lot of current write-up was just a few months back and this song drives me crazy lol. I am enduring this ideal now. This song pulls at my heart, and also I recognize I am feeling just what I have actually explained, this song speaks to me as if it understands. I haven"t provided in, yet I deserve to imagine exactly how it would be if I did, and it appears so wonderful. So impressive. So, as soon as you listen to this song, think of it with my explacountry. FEEL it, do not simply listen, and I think you"ll agree.

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Thanks, and also sorry for the lengthy explanation, yet I"m good at OVER-analyzing points. Haha