About Lay through You

"Lay via You" is the second single by American R&B singer El DeBarge, featuring R&B singer Faith Evans, from the fifth studio album, Second Chance (2010). The song was released on October 25, 2010 with Geffen Records. The song was written by E. J. Coulter and Michael Flowers and also produced by Michael "Mike City" Flowers.

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Oh baby!I simply wanna lay appropriate below with you!Baby I simply wanna lay with you!I recognize you have actually workBut I would love for you to remain through meFor a small while longerI"m asking a lot however I do not want you to go away"Causage I can not acquire you out of my mind, girl!I might simply look at youAll day longYour beautiful smile I justCan"t go wrongAnd just if you didn"t have to leaveYou can be tranquil and also chill with meLet"s not leave our home todayI simply wanna lay through you, with your body close to mineRoom company will certainly be on their wayI simply wanna lay via youI can not acquire enough of you girlOh, babyYou"re making it tough for me to leaveI wish I wouldn"t have to goSo next time I"m roughly let"s hope it will rainSo we could simply stay in"Cause I just wanna lay with youI could just look at youAll day longYour beautiful smile I justCan"t go wrongAnd just if you didn"t need to leaveWe could relax and simply chill in these sheetsLet"s not leave our house todayI simply wanna lay via you, via your body cshed to mineRoom organization will certainly be on their wayI simply wanna lay through youI can"t acquire enough of you girlUhu, one night via you is favor HeavenLike HeavenI don"t wanna go from hereOh, babyKissing your neck while you"re sleepingSleepingLay via meLet"s not leave our house todayI just wanna lay with youRoom service will be on their wayI just wanna lay via you"Causage I can"t gain sufficient of you girlLet"s not leave our residence todayI just wanna lay through youI just wanna lay through youOh I just wanna lay ideal below through you

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El DeBarge Eldra Patrick "El" DeBarge (born June 4, 1961) is an Amerideserve to R&B/pop singer-songwriter, finest recognized as the lead singer of the R&B/heart music family members group DeBarge throughout the beforehand to mid-1980s. As a solo artist, he is finest well-known for the hits "Who"s Johnny" and "Love Always" and for his collaborations via Tone Loc, Quincy Jones, Fourplay and DJ Quik.

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DeBarge is a three-time Grammy nominee. more »