(wants plural & third perchild present) (wanting present participle) (wanted previous tense & past participle )

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1  verb If you want something, you feel a desire or a need for it. no cont, no passive I desire a drink...  V n Ian knows exactly what he wants in life...  V n People wanted to recognize who this talented designer was...  V to-inf They began to want their father to be the very same as other daddies...  V n to-inf They didn"t want human being staring at them as they sat on the lawn, so they put up high walls...  V n -ing He wanted his power recognised...  V n -ed I desire my vehicle this colour...  V n n And remember, we want him alive.  V n adj/prep 
2  verb 
You can say that you wantto say somepoint to indicate that you are about to say it. no cont, no passive Look, I wanted to apologize for now. I think I was a tiny hard on you.  V to-inf 
3  verb 
You use desire in concerns as a way of making an offer or inviting someone to carry out something. no cont, no passive Do you desire one more cup of coffee?...  V n Do you desire to leave your bike here?  V to-inf 
4  verb 
If you say to someone that you want somepoint, or ask them if they wantto execute it, you are firmly informing them what you desire or what you desire them to do. no cont, no passive I want an explanation from you, Jeremy...  V n If you have a difficulty via that, I want you to tell me right currently...  V n to-inf Do you desire to tell me what all this is about?...  V to-inf I want my money back!  V n adv/prep 
5  verb 
If you say that somepoint wants doing, you think that it needs to be done.  (mainly BRIT) INFORMAL no cont, no passive (=need) Her hair wants cutting.  V -ing 
6  verb 
If you tell someone that they wantto execute a certain point, you are advising them to execute it. INFORMAL no cont, no passive (=ought) You desire to be exceptionally cautious not to have a male favor Crevecoeur for an opponent...  V to-inf 
7  verb 
If someone is wanted by the police, the police are looking for them bereason they are thshould have actually committed a crime. usu passive He was wanted for the murder of a magistrate.  be V-ed for n ♦ wanted  adj ADJ n He is just one of the many wanted criminals in Europe.  
8  verb 
If you want someone, you have a good desire to have sex with them. Come on, darling. I desire you.  V n 
9  verb 
If a boy is wanted, its mom or an additional perboy loves it and also is willing to look after it. Children must be wanted and also planned...  be V-ed I want this baby very much, because it certainly will certainly be the last.  V n 
10  n-sing 
A want of somepoint is a absence of it. FORMAL also no det, N of n (=lack) ...a desire of manners and also cinjury...  
11  n-plural 
Your wants are the points that you desire. usu via poss Supermarkets regularly insurance claim that they are responding to the desires of consumers by providing packaged foodstuffs.  
12 If you perform something for desire of somepoint else, you perform it because the other point is not accessible or not feasible. ♦for desire of 
 phrase PHR n, PHR through v Many type of of them had gotten in teaching for desire of anything better to execute...  desire out  phrasal verb If you want out, you no much longer desire to be affiliated in a setup, project, or case that you are part of. INFORMAL We"ve had sufficient, John. We desire out...  V P 
want ad 
  (want ads plural )The desire ads in a newspaper or magazine are small advertisements, generally offering things for sale or supplying work.  (mostly AM)  n-count usu pl (=classified ads) 

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