www.jeffwilletpremium.comSalso years back Stuart MacDonald made the currently well known documentary "I Want To Look Like That Guy". The film inspired millions and was the answer civilization were searching for. However a lot in our society has readjusted since then. The economic situation cramelted, incomes have actually plummeted, dwellings abandoned, stays shattered, long commutes to job-related, even more job stress than ever before, rampant kind 2 Diabetes and free time at a premium. How deserve to anyone have a healthy and balanced way of life through all these brand-new pressures?

Film maker Stuart MacDonald along with transdevelopment expert and also IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Jeff Willet are coming to the rescue with an imaginative documentary, "I Want to Look Like That Guy The Sequel, Fat and Bloated...Aobtain."

The story picks up wright here Stuart is now. His body is 7 years older and fatter than ever. Why? What happened? The previous 7 years have actually been brutal on his body. He"s gone with a bankruptcy, went earlier to college, had 4 work, relocated 4 times, and also found himself trapped living a sedentary lifestyle behind a desk and also disillusioned. The question Stuart wants answered is can a 50 year old working a desk project with little totally free time, turn the clock ago in 6 months and also look favor that man aget in a changed world? You"ll need to tune in to discover out.

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This new documentary will be filmed over a 6 month duration in a cutting edge style never before seen before. Fans will subscribe to Jeff Willet"s premium site (www.jeffwilletpremium.com) to follow together with this entirety suffer and also obtain helpful insight right into the values of transdevelopment.

There will be 2 subscription alternatives available. If your main interest is adhering to together with Stuart"s video updays only, we have you covered. Our special "I Want to Look Like That Guy" membership is just $2.95 per month. This gives you access to all "I Want to Look Like That Guy the Sequel" video content. Each week Stuart will release new footage so you deserve to experience the documentary in actual time.(This special subscription will be accessible the week of Oct. 18th)

As a bonus, as soon as Stuart has actually got to his goal the documentary will be released in digital form FREE and a FREE digital copy of the original variation for all the subscribers that have actually adhered to along throughout the journey.

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We also sell the All Access subscription for $14.95 per month includes accessibility to all the video updates from Stuart as the process unfolds plus all his nutrition arrangement adjustments, workout schedules, interaction (Q&A) on the neighborhood board through Stuart, Jeff and also other members. Plus you gain all various other www.jeffwilletpremium.com content which has many exclusive videos, nutrition plans, workout schedules and also even more. As an all accessibility member you are additionally eligible for FREE coaching calls from Jeff. He selects 2 all access subscribers each month for this unique benefit.(If you are a present subscriber you will instantly get accessibility to all new content!)

We go live the week October 18th through footage currently in the deserve to waiting for you to catch up via Stuart and also unmask the fact we all challenge once it concerns a healthy and balanced life in today"s pressure cooker of a new civilization.