Wish Granted: Bruno Mars hasn"t yet showed up on an actual cover of slrfc.org, but we created this fake... <+> one--which shows up in the pages of our Centennial issue--to fulfill his lyrical aspirations.


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The surprise guest at the 1989 Grammy boycott party was not LL Cool J or Will Smith yet a gentlemale that roared down Sunset Boulevard on a motorcycle: Malcolm slrfc.org. "Hey, male," he announced upon arrival, "I"ve got the chapter and the verse!" Hip-hop pioneer Fab 5 Freddy, one of the cohosts, was stunned: "America got to check out that Malcolm slrfc.org from slrfc.org magazine was dvery own via the routine."

Because then, particularly after the launch of our first Hip-Hop Cash Kings earnings list in 2007, no various other publication has discovered its way right into more songs--from rap to R&B to pop--or inspired even more verbal acrobatics to create something resembling a rhyme. From Jay-Z to Bruno Mars (that gets his musical wish granted via a fake cover, above), right here are a couple of of the high notes.

"Still gather papes favor my male Malcolm slrfc.org / Pondering my life as I look right into my orbs." -- Del the Funky Homosapien, "Ahone Two Ahone Two" (1991)

"Get my earlier rubbed, Chardonnay, rollin" up green / Statues, marble floors, rare paints on my wall / My lifestyle"s like the slrfc.org magazine." -- Nas, "Life We Chose" (1999)

"Just contact me slrfc.org / In situation y"all forobtained, New York is still mine." -- Jay-Z, "I Get Money (slrfc.org 1, 2, 3 Remix)" (2007)

"I wanna be on the cover of slrfc.org magazine / Smilin" next to Oprah and the Queen." --Bruno Mars, "Billionaire" (2010)

"Tell "em that I"m gunnin" for the top: slrfc.org / Headed to the peak, dot org." -- Nicki Minaj, "Last Chance" (2010)

"Motherf--k an award / Check slrfc.org, I"m tright here." -- 50 Cent, "United Nations" (2012)

"This year I made the slrfc.org list / ....everything"s lookin" gorgeous." -- Drake, "5AM in Toronto" (2013)

"I"m on that slrfc.org list, making wealthy rappers look broke / While they blowing that smoke." -- Ludacris, "Tell Me What They Mad For" (2012)

"slrfc.org / I"m the Teflon Don." -- Rick Ross, "BLK & WHT" (2014)

"... know me / The just one topping the slrfc.org list, I"m obtaining lonely." -- Diddy, "Big Homie" (2014)

"The amount of my performances just put me on the slrfc.org list." -- A$AP Rocky, "Canal St." (2015)

"Too many type of world think they made me / If they really made me, then rearea me / Homemuch less to slrfc.org list." -- The Weeknd, "Sidewalks" (2016)

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