Halsey spoke around the meaning and also impetus behind "Hold Me Down" at a live display in June of 2015: "I was meeting a bunch of mean, old males that thought they knew much better than I. And I met this one man in particular, a certain asshole that inspired this song. This song is a reminder that no issue how tiny you are or exactly how tiny human being may make you seem, you should never let anypoint organize you down."

This 'asshole' was a perchild that functioned at a document agency (one out of the 5 who gained in touch through Halsey after the success "Ghost" had on SoundCloud) who was rude and unrespectful in the direction of Halsey, he might had actually been just one of the factors why she didn't authorize with him. 


"My demons are begging me to open up my mouth / I need them mechanically make the words come out"

Without these points living inside of her, Halsey feels favor she would have actually no voice – she'd essentially be mute, with no method to be greatly opinionated in order to allude out things roughly her.

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These demons administer a power that pushes her to stop her mind at all times, dragging her thoughts right out of her. In "Gasoline", Halsey talks about being compelled to concreate, . The fact that these demons mechanically bring the words out of her argues that Halsey's demons drive her to be different from society.

It additionally may be a reference to her bipolar disorder, on how her two sides fight against each various other and her 'bad side' appears to let itself go with words.

"They fight me, vigorous and angry, watch them pounce / Ignite me, licking up the flames they lug about"

Even though the demons allow her to stop, nothing alters when she resists because she feels powerless to her own inhibitions. The "flames" describe the fires of Hell, from wright here the "demons" come. They purposely make her angry to gain the havoc that her anger evokes.


"I marketed my spirit to a three-item / And he told me I was holy / He's gained me dvery own on both knees / But it's the adversary that's tryna"

"Three-piece" deindications a male in the likeness of a adversary that is generally illustrated in a three-item suit (jacket, vest, trousers) that she "sold her soul to," presumably for somepoint in return.

"He's acquired me dvery own on both knees" mirrors a sign of prominence on his end, telling her that she's holy,  and also she was praying to him. In the end, it's her  that save her dvery own, but at the exact same time take the look of a male, making everything coming to be actual.


"Hold me dvery own, hold me down /Sneaking out the earlier door, /Make no sound /Knock me out, knock me out /Saying that I want even more, this is what I live for  /

Hold me dvery own, host me down /Throw me in the deep finish, watch me drown /Knock me out, knock me out /Saying that I desire more, this is what I live for"

The  lead to her to self doubt, something that's beginning to tear her acomponent from the inside. To make these demons escape, she attempts to run from the judgments, although her demons will certainly proceed to follow her anyjust how, making her believe that it isn't over that "she desires more".

Although the constant critiques might obtain to her at times, she seems to love the fact that civilization look at her in a different way, precisely bereason she stands out being distinct and one-of-a-kind. "This is what I live for" emphasizes how she finds encouragement out of the negative. She strives to prove the doubters wrong.


"Selfish, taking what I desire and call it mine /I'm helpless, clinging to a small little bit of spine /They rush me, telling me I'm running out of time /They shush me, walking me throughout a vulnerable line"

Struggling via self doubt, Halsey holds on to the bit bit of self confidence and also dignity ("spine") she has left. But she additionally feels like tright here isn't any type of clue for her to gain better or to describe her demands and mistakes ("I'm helpless").

The critics are telling her that her time in the spotlight is quickly fading away, and also soon she will become irappropriate, that her time will be over quickly. Additionally, once Halsey tries to sheight out,  ("they shush me").

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"Hold me dvery own now / Hold me dvery own now / Hold me down"

-I absolutely adore the methafor she supplies to say that she sold her soul and just how wide her vocabulary is.