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DunDealOnTheTrackFlexin'Ballin'We stressing oops no sorryI watch you Flexin'Ballin'Girls texting and haters save callin'I check out you Don't sit on that Louis I gained couch rulesDid ya'll view the various other day he gettin' out soon?I'm not on the team yet I be ballin' thoughI'm not from the three yet remainder in peace to MarioAnd look I'm sorry though bereason my swag killsAnd if I don't buy up every little thing then my cash willShout out 2 my mom cause she feelin' sad stillThe video ain't dropped and I got camages on my ass stillTeezy told me that my circle is too bigBut I'm too busy wondering if my shirt is too bigI go dumb hardYa'll gum hardLike Wayne I don't stunt I stunt hard
See I'mBallin'Tryna acquire the V.I.P we bought itI watch you We not friendly don't gain em startedYou offended oops I'm sorryI check out you Ok currently me and also Skooly flexin' nigga doing threats and also duckin cardsCausage walkin in the mall I obtained bands so i had to marchLouis this Gucci that pockets on super charge5 star bitch good brain 8 years apartI been swagin' surfin' to the point I done hit a sharkLean obtained me swervin' god knows that I have to parkI see you no you watch meI'm turned up in the club catch me in V.I.PBitch we deep But this ain't Waka and the streetsAnd I wear the a lot of expensive clothing just so you have the right to alert meTrue Religion Robin Jeans that's what rise my self-esteemCash rule whatever roughly me and also the Bentley cream

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Call my designer upI require school shoesPair of Bally's pair of Louis couple cool True'sAye I speak to mine tooI asked her what it doI gotta go to church so I'ma need a prada suitHe need a Prada suit two piece Bally meNeck tie belt and also please pattern leather meMake sure my blazers directly and please don't feather meI catch ya primary broad stealin' however I let her leaveAye what u ridin' in I'm in the Bently coupeI see u smashin' via the city in the Bentley tooBut I'm a young catBut still a bossmanTommorow having actually coffee with David Letterman