I went to lunch through a group of friends yesterday, and one of my friends brought 2 brand-new world whom I did not understand.

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Today I bump into among the new ones, and also I wanted to be polite and tell the perkid that I had an excellent time at lunch.

I have actually review numerous locations on the internet, that saying "Thank you for yesterday" has a sex-related undertone to it.

Is that true? Or exactly how else would you say it?


Okay, reading a sexual undertone right into an innocuous statement choose Thank you for yesterday seems sort of weird—unless it"s said via a leer and/or wink to someone with whom you had sex yesterday. Other than that, Thank you for yesterday might suppose anypoint, and definitely doesn"t have actually a subtext—or also a text-level text—that"s sex-related in and of itself. Wbelow did you read this?

To answer your question, you could say Thank you for lunch yesterday to protect against all confusion. Of course, if lunch is offered as a euphemism for sex by someone, then you"re on your own!


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