Regardmuch less, if you have the right to still do the search, go to Curtis and introduce yourself. He’ll ask you to help out by also obtaining the quest from Hsu so that you have the right to manage it from both sides and assist Curtis stay hidden. Do so, and then gain ready for the significant sabotage mission..

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I Placed a Spell on You - Framing Crenshaw

In order to structure Crenshaw, first look in the garbage have the right to external of the ticketing desk on the first floor. Grab every one of the bomb making ingredients inside and also likewise grab the blueprints for the monorail bomb. Take this evidence approximately the Concourse. Tright here must be a significant footlocker by among the beds in the barracks area. I only witnessed one soldier patrolling, so it should be simple to simply crouch down and also slip every one of the products into the footlock while he’s not locking.You must put in abraxo cleaner, a conductor, wonderglue, a fission battery and the bomb blueprints. The search will certainly upday as soon as you meet this problem.

You may have already discovered Crenshaw on his bit out of the way patrol. He’s right roughly the earlier of the base by Contreras" Supply Shack. You must have the ability to cut through their and also wind up right by Crenshaw. If you desire, you must be able to just kill him normally. He is all alone earlier below. You have the right to also reverse pickpocket a grenade onto him, or even usage C4.

Note that tright here is a special choice. If you talk to him, you can ask him around his favorite pranks. You deserve to then point out that you prefer pranks as well and also tell him that “you just pulled the pin out of someone’s grenade”, if you have 40 points in Sneak. Run earlier easily and he’ll blow up simply as if you planted a live grenade on him. No one should notice.

I Put a Spell on You - Sabotaging the Monorail

In order to destroy the monorail, walk up to the noted door in the terminal.Tbelow are two guards at the door that have orders to shoot on sight if anyone besides trusted NCR soldiers approach the door.If you are trusted by the NCR, you have to actually be able to walk best past them. The exact same need to be true if you have some NCR armor to wear as a disguise.

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Otherwise, you can capture them at an altering of the guard. I believe that this need to occur at 9 AM and also 9 PM. I have the right to confirm the 9 AM time. Just wait exterior and watch. As shortly as the hour transforms over the 2 guards should walk away. Wait for them to walk a fair distance dvery own the hallmeans and then slip behind them. Listen for any type of warnings though, given that they won’t officially quit their guard duties till they’re at the end of the hallmethod.Go with the door to the monorail, and also then jump onto the train. Go to the earlier of the cabin and also usage the vent to plant Curtis" bomb. Run off the train and also reap the firefunctions. You have the right to then just walk earlier to Hsu and report Crenshaw’s guilt. Just tell him around the “evidence” that you discovered to convince him. You’ll actually acquire about 100 caps for your successful investigation.Talk to Curtis to confirm that you’re done and also receive your reward from him also. This should wrap up the pursuit.

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