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You deserve to hear this line at 02:27:51 in the Blu-ray variation of the movie.

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- No! No, wait. You do not have to execute this.

- I"m sorry.

- No, don"t perform it! Don"t go!

- It has to finish below.

- I order you not to go! I order you not to go! I order you not to go!

- I know now why you cry. But it"s somepoint I have the right to never carry out.

- Good bye.

- August 29, 1997, came and went. Nopoint a lot taken place. Michael Jackson turned 40.

- Tbelow was no Judgment Day. People visited work as they always perform. Laughed, complained, watched TV, made love.

- I wanted to run through the street yelling to grab them all and say, Every day from this particular day on is a gift. Use if well. Instead, I got drunk.

- That was 30 years earlier.


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Terminator 2: Judgment Day Sound Clip


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Actors: Arnold Schwarzenegger (Terminator T-800), Edward Furlengthy (John Connor), Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor), Robert Patrick (Terminator T-1000), Joe Morton (Miles Dyson)

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