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... the wicked lovable SOUL-BOT as H.E.L.P.eR.

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The Monarch continues to reconstruct his villainous empire via the assist of his shadowy new Number 2, Dr. Henry Killinger, but Henchman 21 is suspicious of the deadly foreigner"s unctuous charms. At the same time, as Dr. Orpheus attempts to exorcise a Japanese demon from Dr. Venture, a mysterious womale from Doc"s past resurfaces. And she"d kill to uncover out where Hank and Dean are.


An office structure. Looks quiet. A shadow looms over them. The Cocoon. A few of the workers go over to the home window to research, just to have them shatter. Hundreds of razor sharp mechanical butterflies pierce the skin of anyone unlucky enough to be in their way. Some henchmen swing in, shooting or capturing anyone they see and planting explosives. The employees scream in horror and also flee for their stays. The Monarch walks in, laughing manically.

THE MONARCHWhere is he?! Where is Venture!! WORKERVenture?HENCHMAN 21Dude, no, stop!! There"s been a mistake!!THE MONARCHOh what now?HENCHMAN 21This isn"t the key Venture compound. It"s your accountant"s office.THE MONARCH Wha- eh- are you kidding?! That was prefer my finest entrance ever!HENCHMAN 21Yeah that was excellent.HENCHMAN 24Very outstanding.THE MONARCHSucks. Albest, wrong resolve. Wrong resolve. Everybody ago in the Cocoon.HENCHMAN 21Well, uhh, should we, uhhh...THE MONARCHYeah, yeah, yeah. Take the pens and also the post-its and some, uhh, copy paper. You constantly need copy paper. And obtain that protection tape! I desire a Quicktime of my minty-fresh entrance posted on my residence page by tomorrow!!

Roll opening credits.

In Dr. O"s research he is petting his cat as soon as tbelow is a ring at his doorbell. Dr. Venture. Back from Japan. With a guest. An Oni.


A Japanese demon that"s typically after some create of retribution. Though Brock can not view it apparently, however Dr. O deserve to. Dr. O goes to his bookshelf and also gets out some gigantic gold tongs. The tongs, however, upcollection the Oni and also he flies approximately the room, dragging Dr. Venture via him. Dr. Orpheus decides he requirements to consult a higher power on the matter.

DR. ORPHEUSWait here while I go to my daughter"s clocollection.

Back in the Cocoon the henchguys and the Monarch are going over their earlier attack, though nobody seems to be paying attention and the Monarch appears bored out of his mind. 24 is providing a lecture and describes that the factor they failed is bereason they lacked weaponry. 21 takes the floor. He presents "the petablade". Two razor sharp knives menacingly attached to not the finish of a skinny arm, yet the finish of a long fat leg. Okay, so they"re number skates. A henchman that is plainly not adept at skating demonstrates the cutting power of the "petablade" by kicking a sandbag dummy and acquiring his foot caught.

THE MONARCHWha- what? We raided the wrong resolve. We need actual planning not, what, number skates?!HENCHMAN 21Look, I am trying. This is really hard. I know I"m not Dr. Girl-THE MONARCHDO. NOT. SAY. HER. NAME.KILLINGERForgive me, yet the trouble is among planning. Not one of armament. Mister the Monarch already has actually a dazzling armory. What he requirements is a strategist. A man of his prestige cannot simply pursue an enemy all willy nilly.HENCHMAN 21He can not give an enema to Free Willy? What?THE MONARCHShut up, 21. You might learn somepoint from this guy.KILLINGERWhat you need is a 2nd in command also who understands the intricacies of arranged villainy. This I deserve to sell you.THE MONARCHPerfect. You"re hired. Uhh, number...KILLINGERNumber Killinger. Dr. Henry Killinger. And this is my magic murder bag.

At the same time at the Venture Compound Hank and Dean are practicing for their upcoming road test. Or fairly, Dean is driving incredibly slow and running right into cones while Hank comlevels. Just then Hank notices a damaged down automobile ahead of them. Dean comments that he didn"t understand they obtained that much traffic inside the compound. Dean says they have to pull over and check for injuries and flag down a state trooper. He then performs an exceptionally sluggish k-revolve which Hank decides not to stick roughly for, exiting the auto. Dean freaks out because Hank has simply jumped from a relocating auto, but Hank comes over to the driver"s side and also turns off the auto for Dean so they can check out the other auto.

There"s a woman laying in front of it, seemingly unconscious! Without warning she spins about and sprays Hank via some kind of... spray... that knocks him out. Same for Dean. Uh oh.

Dr. Orpheus, meanwhile, has actually uncovered the Master again:

DR. ORPHEUSMaster? Master are you here? I have actually need of your counsel. Ohh?THE MASTEROrpheus you"re gonna love this, check me out. Huh? I"m Catherine the Great"s equine. To teach you a leskid around biting off more than you can chew. My partially lovely assistant, Mrs. Manyface, will certainly be playing the part of Catherine.MRS. MANYFACEMmm, hi.THE MASTERHey sufficient through the chatter, gain under there. Don"t wince.DR. ORPHEUSMaster, much be it from me to question the relevance of your symbolism, yet I"m sensibly particular the whole steed thing was an metropolitan legend.

In the Cocoon the Monarch is mirroring Killinger approximately. Killinger tells the Monarch that he"s a small overstaffed in his regulate room. The Monarch responds by informing one of his new guards to kill two of the henchmen in the room. Him, and the dead guy beside him.

HENCHMAN 21This location is all creepy given that that mumbly male just magically proved up.HENCHMAN 24Totally. Those brand-new black guard dicks took the Tekken 3 game out of the lounge.HENCHMAN 21Oh those males are wicked spooky. How unfair is it that they acquire the cooler uniforms?! I"m still wearing an orange jerkin!HENCHMAN 24Jerkin.THE MONARCHHey among you little chatterbugs desire to pop open up the Venture files? Killinger requirements to be carried as much as speed.HENCHMAN 21Yeah, those papers are classified.THE MONARCHBy whom?HENCHMAN 21Byyy... uh, you?THE MONARCHOkay good. Well , currently they"re unclassified.

Back at the compound Brock has uncovered the boys" abandoned car and also is looking for them. Dr. Venture and also Dr. Orpheus display up following the Oni, though Brock still can"t see it. Brock wanders off to look for Hank and Dean. The Oni, meanwhile, has quit by the abandoned automobile the boys were driving. Perhaps the car is connected with a current sin? Dr. Venture says he can not remember the last time he acquired lucky in it.

Just then Dr. Venture grabs the Oni and stuffs him right into the trunk, seemingly victorious. However Dr. Orpheus notes that he"s still attached to the Oni by some sort of psychic thcheck out. Seemingly on cue the automobile starts and begins to drive around, dragging Dr. Venture with it of course. It stops and opens the door.

DR. ORPHEUSI suggest we obtain in and also see where it takes us.DR. VENTUREWhat if it wants to go earlier to Japan!?

At the Cocoon, meanwhile, Killinger is going over the Venture "problem", as soon as he notes that there are some problems with the Cocoon. 21 and 24 gang up on him for coming in, seemingly out of nowhere, and taking things over prefer he did. The Monarch finally gets fed up when 24 says that Killinger is trying to destroy them from the inside. He tells the guards to take 24 to the Chamber of 1000 Torments. He"ll let Killinger execute 993. Killinger comments that the Monarch"s approaches of torture are as well Draconian, and that all he requirements is a minute alone through 24. They walk off till Killinger remembers that he forgot his magic murder bag. 21 looks fully unhappy.

Dr. O and Dr. V, meanwhile, pull up to an old beat up motel:

DR. ORPHEUSWe"ve quit. What is this place?DR. VENTUREA cheap motel.DR. ORPHEUSPerhaps it desires us to... continue to be right here and remainder till morning?DR. VENTUREWait, I recognize what you"re doing. You"re trying to get me in the sack!DR. ORPHEUSI beg your pardon!?DR. VENTURENo wonder nobody however you deserve to watch that head!DR. ORPHEUS How dare-DR. VENTUREThe tights, the jewelry, constantly tagging along! Oh let me obtain my huge gay cloak and I"ll join you!DR. ORPHEUSI"m trying to aid you!!DR. VENTUREAid me out of my rate suit!!

The car starts up aacquire and pulls into a parking room at the motel.

On the other hand Brock and also HELPeR are driving approximately trying to find the boys and listening to Led Zeppelin, or at least something comparable that will not cost almost as a lot to license. HELPeR turns the volume down.

BROCKHey!HELPeRBROCKJock rock my ass! Listen to those lyrics, man! It"s all around love, and also longing!HELPeRBROCKYes, and, and also hobbits as well.HELPeRBROCKLook it"s an allegory, they, they created around the majority of various other stuff. Why am I arguing with a robot?!HELPeRBROCK Shh, they"re right up ahead. Don"t think we"re done talking around this!

He pulls up in front of a dumpster. Located. He jumps in and starts in search of the boys, however just uncovers their communicators. They flash the message "The Boys..." and also "Are Mine!". Brock removes ameans some paper from them. A bomb.

BROCKOh crap, Myra"s back.

The dumpster explodes.

Hank and Dean, meanwhile, are in an extremely dank looking room somewbelow. Tied up. Of course. Hank wakes Dean up.

HANKDean! I smell pee-pee.DEANWell what are you looking at me for?HANKDeeean, did you obtain pee-pee scared again?DEANNo, shut up. Wright here are we this time?

Just then in the following room over a woguy singing a lullaby walks by a damaged dvery own door. She appears to be pacing and lastly notices the boys are now awake.

MYRAOh, you"re up! You can relax. The nightmare is lastly over.HANKUh, no it isn"t.MYRAHankie, my bit snotty-puggy-dinky. Dean, Dean, Dean, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean sausages. You"re safe currently. You"re with mommy!


HENCHMAN 21Uhh, I need to bring the prisoner his medication.BLACK GUARDGimmie the medication, I"ll do it.HENCHMAN 21Okay, yet uh, you have to carry out it to him. It"s a suppository. You recognize, it"s up the butt medicine.HENCHMAN 24Aw do not knock or anything! It"s not favor I live with eighty guys and also no women. So tright here is no opportunity I"m masturbating!HENCHMAN 21Chill. I thought I was rescuing you. What did he carry out to you, what"s in his magic murder bag?HENCHMAN 24Dude have you even talked to him? He"s great, he"s favor Mr. Belvedere.HENCHMAN 21He knows nothing about honor or living by the sword. He is not like us.HENCHMAN 24What are you talking about?HENCHMAN 21Seriously, that Killinger man has brainwamelted the entirety Cocoon.HENCHMAN 24Man will you just talk to him already? He"s amazing! He cured my herpes! I bet he deserve to also assist you via your difficulty.HENCHMAN 21Alideal he"s currently obtained to you! Don"t touch me! Stay back! Stay earlier pod person!HENCHMAN 24Alappropriate, whatever.

Hank and Dean, meanwhile, are grappling with the prospect of lastly understanding that their mother is. Only she can not be on account of the crazy, right?

HANKIf you"re expected to be our mom then why execute you gained us tied up, huh? People only carry out that once they desire to kill us.DEANOr hold us for ransom.HANKOr touch us inaccordingly.DEANWhat?! When? That never hap-HANKSergeant Hatred? What, did you block that out? Oh, no wait. You were passed out from the wine. Many of it was awful. Trust me.

Myra them proceeds to freak the fuck out and then unexpectedly calms down and also asks Hank and Dean if she"s ever told them exactly how she and Rusty met.

Back in the Cocoon 21 has snuck into Killinger"s room. He yells "EAT WEB!" and also then sprays Killinger"s magic murder bag via those Spider-Man internet shooters that fire silly string. You know the ones. Killinger wakes up and also calls in a black guard (that reportedly did not check out 21 enter the room at all) who grabs 21.

HENCHMAN 21You have the right to silence me yet tbelow will certainly be others!! Semper fidelis tyranosaurus!KILLINGERIt"s "sic semper tyrannous". You sassist "constantly faithful disastrous lizard".HENCHMAN 21I did? Cool!

Back at the motel Dr. O enters the room through ice and also snacks from the vending machine. Dr. Venture apologizes for previously and also Orpheus accepts. After a brief awkward silence Dr. Venture asks if Dr. O desires to go halfsies on a skin flick. Kay.

Back at the Cocoon aobtain, 21 is warning the babsence guard about exactly how gassy he gets as soon as he"s scared. The guard talks to him and also reveals himself to be 24. 21 attempts to complimentary 24 for the "hypno-spell" he is reportedly under. He utters some weird stuff and also then runs amethod while 24 watches in what I guess is either amusement or disidea (it"s hard to tell because you can not check out his challenge under the mask). 21 makes a run for it but trips and lands on his cell phone.

Back in the dank area, Myra is talking to Hank and Dean:

MYRAHe was my first project. Fresh out of the OSI academy. I was still just a girl, what did I know? Never let your guard down, never let "em out of your sight, never autumn in love. That"s what they taught me. But I couldn"t assist myself! Your father . I spent twenty-4 hours a day via him. First tbelow were casual glances, the occasional brush of the hand, clever innuenperform. It was inevitable. Something would certainly occur sooner or later.


HANKEwwww!MYRANo!! No! It was not ookey! It was the a lot of wonderful, passionate night of either of our lives!! And nine months later? You two perfect little bit wet pink kit10s came right into the world. From out of my body.DEANAww, double-eww!

21, meanwhile, has actually ennoted the assist of someone. It"s Dr. Girlfriend. 21 starts going on about spin-art. Clbeforehand Dr. Girlfriend is not amoffered. They drive out of frame and Brock and also HELPeR, that has deployed his helicopter capabilities, fly into framework. Brock thanks HELPeR for rescuing him.

HELPeRBROCKYeah I thought she was gone for good after the last time, as well, yet some crazy people simply will not remain locked up, you know what I mean?HELPeRBROCKThat"s beautiful, HELPeR, what was that, Shel Silverstein?HELPeRBROCKWell I don"t think Maya Angelou was talking around this chick. She"s as deadly as they come. And if she hurts those boys aacquire I"m gonna take her down permanently this time!HELPeRBROCKNo, not Maya Angelou. Look, simply keep scanning those tire tracks with your infrared, okay?

At the motel the next morning the Oni is driving the auto into the wall in order to wake a really unhappy Dr. Venture up.

Myra, meanwhile, is still going on. Now she"s talking about Dr. Venture and exactly how he had her locked up so he could control the boys without her in the image. Hank and also Dean are resting. Myra mentions that the boys are nineteen. Dean corrects her, saying they"re sixteen. Myra notes that she had actually to kidnap them in order to conserve them. Especially from the "lie machines" Dr. Venture makes them sleep in. Just then five cats come into the room. Hank and Dean"s brothers and sisters. Right. Myra states that the cats are hungry, and then freaks out aacquire as soon as she realizes Hank and also Dean haven"t been fed. She unzips her height and also shoves her jugs in Hank and Dean"s encounters in an amazingly negative effort to breast feed them. A bell rings. Myra stops what she was doing, grabs a shotgun and also conveniently runs right into the next room.

It"s Dr. Orpheus! Checking out? Uh oh. Myra notices Dr. Venture sitting in the car external. She jumps over the front desk and pummels Dr. Orpheus. Dr. Venture, meanwhile, is listening to the radio and entirely oblivious to the savage beating his tenant is receiving.

Back in the Cocoon Dr. Girlfrifinish lis10s to 21 ramble a tiny till they concerned a hallmethod lined with a laser protection grid. Dr. Girlfriend does a bunch of crazy gymnastic moves and slips by the grid without triggering it. 21 attempts the same but instead falls on his challenge and also of course sets off the alarm.

DR. GIRLFRIENDSo, are you as good at fighting as you are at talking?HENCHMAN 21Hell no, look at me! I"m even more of a tools skilled.

Black guards flood right into the room and Dr. Girlfriend goes to work-related. She takes out 2, and also then does an awesome wallwalk move, yet is grabbed by 2 more guards. A 3rd developments and also she kicks him in the face before he have the right to strike and offers him to vault over the 2 holding her. She grabs their spears while they"re perplexed and also stabs them both via the chest. Awesome.

HENCHMAN 21That is so fantastic. Well I prefer to execute that too. It"s soft!DR. GIRLFRIENDDo not follow me. Just continue to be here and perform, uh, whatever before. HENCHMAN 21Okay!