Patience is a virtue if you’re a Tool fan – we’ve now been waiting for the follow-approximately 10,000 Days for so long, whole civilisations have risen and fallen. Well, that’s not fairly true, yet it has actually been 10 years, so we’re heading well right into Axl Rose area.

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Luckily, while Maynard James Keenan has actually been off obtaining America pissed through his selection of wines fairly than pulling his finger out and also making a document, the band’s fans have actually been whiling amethod the long, lonely, Tool-less hours making memes, and also spectacularly sarcastic they are too. Here are 10 of the best…

Fans have long pored over the apocalyptic lyrics of Ænema to try and also unravel its tricks, but perhaps the “learn to swim” part really was simply a public company offer for the aquatically challenged. Either means, we hope he’s gained his verruca socks on.

This cartoonist reckons even Santa’s been defeated by the lengthy, long wait. Maybe we have to leave out some mince pies and also a large glass of Pinot Noir, and really, really believe they exist, before Device will certainly pop dvery own the chimney to deposit some shiny new songs from out of their sack.

Little green men? Check. Flying saucers? Sure point. Six-headed lizard people? Yessiree Bob, we met one down the pub just last week. But this Photoshop warrior reckons even Mulder and Scully would have trouble putting their belief in the visibility of new Tool music.

Parodies of The Many Interelaxing Man In The World ads for Don Equis beer, starring Amerideserve to actor Jonathan Goldsmith, litter the internet choose so many dog poo bags hanging on park hedges (seriously, why execute world carry out that?). But with this meme quoting Tool’s Schism, one clever before perboy has actually noted them out as the art-rock Good Will Hunting. We wonder how many complicated equations went into reasoning up those mental time signatures.

Yeah, come on males, it’s not rocket scientific research. The creator of this galactic smackdown is getting restmuch less, and he’s not afrhelp to usage cold, difficult space-facts as undodgeable truth bulallows. We imagine the crew of the Internationwide Gap Station are having an excellent old weightmuch less rofl to this one.

Summing up the existential angst of the scramble for gig tickets with one deadpan South Park shot. Damn your eyes, touts, damn your eyes to hell and earlier.

We favor this one. While we’re all guilty of gnashing and also wailing around the wait/price/impossibility of seeing the band, this one brave human comes out and also reminds us all to sheight being such massive babies about it.

Tim Allen’s 1990s sitcom Home Improvement, about an all-Amerideserve to handymale with his own TV present Device Time, would have been funnier if it’d been Maynard and the boys wielding the spanners. Well, vastly weirder anymethod, if guitarist and stop-motion genius Adam Jones below was enabled to straight as well as star.

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This is one aggressive-looking succulent. What an aroprovided, spiky bastard. Luckily, Ænema is on hand as soon as aacquire to reclaim order to the human being.