Learning Spanish is not all about finding out grammar rules. You additionally need to have the ability to preserve common and basic interactions via human being such as saying have actually a good day in Spanish. Many Spanish learners stick to one expression once they can be making use of multiple expressions.

So what are various ways to say ‘have an excellent day’ in Spanish? These are some of the the majority of widespread phrases that Spanish speakers usage to wish someone a great day:

¡Que tengas un buen día!Linperform día / Bonito día¡Que te vaya bien!¡Que tengas un bonito día!Buen día

Saying ‘have an excellent day’ in Spanish is not just polite but also these little interactions will help you develop confidence in practicing Spanish in real-life instances.

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For that factor, in this list, you’ll discover 5 well-known methods to say have a good day in Spanish.

We’ll likewise carry out the conmessages and also examples of the ideal means to usage these expressions. By the end of this post, you’ll have actually a few more advantageous expressions to ‘say have a great day’ in Spanish