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StraightSlaps shelp 7 years ago:

More than likely they still have the tapes from the original recordings and also they were able to gain the vocals from that.

DJ Kirsh sassist 8 years ago:

Masterj24 thanks for the reply. you have to be referring to the process of phase cancellation which have the right to be done in many kind of programs. -playing an critical over a recording and inverting one of the tracks so that the exact same frequencies cancel each other out leaving an acapella. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8NlnD7W8SUThe difficulty via this is you would should uncover an crucial - somepoint which would certainly be shocking in this case. Besides that, it's sort of a dirty means to acquire an acapella because tright here will constantly be some frequencies left behind. The ideal way to gain a true acapella is legitimately through a studio recording of simply the vocals. I understand Fred Wesley played tambourine as well as ago up vocals for James Brown so that might describe the tambourine in the sample if Kanye uncovered a legit acapella. The tambourine can likewise be described as the left over frequencies from phase cancellation in the unlikely event that Kanye discovered an crucial however not an acapella. If he really did sample My Thang, regardless of just how he did it, he obviously put in job-related to make it happen so great job Kanye.

Kirsh. I think the program that Kanye provides to separate the sample to the vocal is most likely Pro Tools..

sitka said 9 years ago:

the female sample is from the film the replacement killers a original score by Harry Gregson-Williams & Steve Jablonsky titled "the temple". the initially 10 seconds of the song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BycrZEB4SAQ&feature=associated you have the right to hear it a lot even more clearly in the movie at 15:00- 15:10watched the film lastnight and also couldnt number out wbelow i kbrand-new that voice from. its on netflix if you desire to check it out

l"espion dans le taxi sassist 10 years ago:

That's not a perfect clean sample. First, you have the right to hear slices of the tambourine which appears plainly present in the original.Then, you have actually a weird assault on the start of the sample (reminds me of a handclap, but it sounds prefer a non naturel result, some weird cut).And lastly, the voice does not sound organic at all, choose it has been very filtered - which provides it a synthetized feel. That's the method it sounds once you usage that form of filters, those that permit to "clear" all the frequencies you dislike. So exceptionally feasible indeed, those filters are typically used in avant-garde electronic music because the beforehand of the 90's.

MaxMoore said 10 years ago:

Anolog X

Mr. Gumbs sassist 10 years ago:

How did you perform it
mathierudder1? What software program did you use?

MaxMoore sassist 10 years ago:

the voice and and also beat have various frequencies that some programs can sepeprice the two

L-P sassist 10 years ago:

There is no physical way of separating a vocal from the remainder of the track. Some software program service providers claim their product does it but it is difficult, just way it deserve to be done is if you have a perfect crucial of the very same track, flip the wavecreate and mix it with the original, or obviously pay the document label a s*** ton of money for the original vocal track.

ringmancz shelp 10 years ago:

it's feasible to perform that in a studios Kanye has actually accessibility to

DJ Kirsh sassist 10 years ago:

What programs?

MaxMoore shelp 10 years ago:

they are programs that have the right to sepaprice voice from the beat

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DJ Kirsh sassist 10 years ago:

probably he acquired access to the master tape of My Thang. I thought that through one more song on the album. Either that or there's an acapella floating approximately that you and i have never before heard before.

blockymock shelp 10 years ago:

ok so exactly how did kanye totally sexpedition the drums and other instruments out of the sample?i've sought various other versions of "My Thang" yet nothing.