Knowing what to message a girl after obtaining her number can be a small tricky. If she"s warm, then there"s a possibility you"re one bad message ameans from joining the ignored tribe of dudes in her Instagram DM.

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So you wanna make that initially message count, and you store asking yourself numerous "Should & Would I"s:

Should I text when I go home, or wait till tomorrow?

Should I say “hi” appropriate ameans or say something fun?

Should I remind her of our kiss? But what if it made her feel cheap?

What if she thinks I’m boring, or worse, what if she thinks I’m needy?

That’s most mental power dvery own the drain. And if you execute that through eexceptionally girl you satisfy, WOW, that’s a headache.

Texting girls need to never before be that hard, be it texting a girl when you just gained her number or a girl you"ve been with for months/years. It"s somepoint you learn through time, but not years. I"ve taught guys how to gain better at texting in way much less than that.

And, I will certainly present you what to message a girl after acquiring her number – together with some really great message examples. But initially, let’s ask a crucial question...

When to Text a Girl After Getting Her Number

The answer: Whenever she’s ready to chat. There aren"t any hard and also rapid rules around when to message, exactly how to message her after the initially date and also what precise lines you have to use.

And no, you don"t need to wait 3 days to message a girl. In truth, I desire you to take the 3-day rule out of your memory, sfinish it to your psychological Recycle Bin, and hit “Delete Forever before.”

It no longer functions.

The point is, this dominion is a relic from a time as soon as rotating phones were a point.

Don’t recognize what that is?

My point precisely.

So, obtaining earlier to the 21st century, dating happens rapid. If you accomplish her on a Friday night and also don’t message her till Monday you’ve simply done yourself a disservice.

There’s an excellent opportunity she’s also on one of the many kind of dating apps out tright here. In that totally arbitrary three days, she’s come throughout one more 40 matches and has multiple conversations going.

There’s a fine line in between being patient and waiting for eternity till she forgets that you are. Now there"s no way you have the right to erected a date, let alone learning what to message her prior to your first day.

I’d usually wait from 10 minutes to a day to send the initially kiss depending upon just how invested she was and whether or not we’re both ready to chat.

For instance:

If I had fun via a girl on Tinder and also she offered me her number: I"ll message her in 5-10 minutes to construct even more investment or I will certainly wait till the next day if we’ve already texted a lot and had so a lot fun.If I met a girl during the day and also it went well: I’ll text her late at night - once she’s earlier from work-related - just to store the fun going.If I felt that she gave me her number out of shyness or obligation: I won’t wait till tomorrow or she will certainly totally forgain around me.If I hooked up through a girl in a club/bar and also it didn’t go past the makeout phase: I’d sleep on it and also text her the next day.

When to message her relies on exactly how invested she was when you gained her number. If she chosen talking to you then she can toleprice a tiny little additional time before receiving your first text.


I think so. But you need to make certain your initially message after acquiring her number is worth the time, and also the initiative.


I will certainly show you how - through a bunch of good message examples - yet initially I wanna show you what attitude you have to need to succeed through womales over text.


 What to Do Before Texting a Girl and also After Getting Her Number

I never before understood the term, “it’s not what you say, it’s exactly how you say it” until I became good with woguys. You have the right to literally say the same point to the very same woman and obtain two various outcomes simply reason you adjusted the attitude behind those words.

I always thought that in order to charm a girl, you must come up through the perfect opener until I observed men walking as much as girls with nothing however “hi” and also a huge pack of confidence.

Now, I gain ameans through points a lot of guys can’t say to girls just cause I"m saying them through confidence. And, my messages are so slick I regularly capture myself saying, “OMG, that was f**** awesome."

Not bereason I"m verbally gifted – well, occasionally I think I am – however bereason I text/talk with the right frame of mind, so everything flows simply naturally. It’s exactly how you say it, not what, that renders a girl choose you. And it all starts via these mindsets:

Text Mindset #1: Assume she likes you until prcooktop otherwise

“She shelp yes once she could’ve sassist no.”

Remember that line from Hitch?

She could’ve shelp no, given you a fake number, ghosted you, blocked you or told you to F off… But she didn’t.

So you’re much better off assuming she likes you until prrange the opposite. This will certainly enable you to be bold and also text her without worrying about saying the wrong point.

As a result:

If she likes you: she will certainly gain on board quicklyIf she doesn’t: she will certainly tell you best amethod and soptimal wasting your time

Either method, you’re always winning.

Text Mindcollection #2: You’re great sufficient for her (As long as you’re improving)

Let"s be real; you can not tell yourself that this hot girl is equal to you if you haven"t dated a girl of her caliber in years. Your mind won"t think it...

Still, you want to view yourself in a far better light in order to not put her on a pedestal and also lose her. So you can usage these facts/questions to remind yourself of your true worth.

Fact #1: You’re a catch to the majority of girls if you always job-related on yourself

Many guys - and also womales - don’t work on themselves or take threats. And the fact that you constantly try to get better makes you a capture to so many type of hot women out tbelow.

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Do you exercise, read commonly, whine less and job-related more?

You’re a capture.

Do you attempt to gain better via the females and improve your verbal/texting skills?