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- Shit.

- Why don"t you acquire my change?

- Hey, why don"t you offer my homeboy his change?

- I don"t desire any kind of trouble. Just get out.

- I can"t stand y"all, motherfucker.

- I feel sorry for your mom.

- What you say around my mama? You feel sorry for who?

- I don"t want any type of trouble. Just obtain out!

- What the fuck did you say about my mama?

- I don"t desire any type of trouble. Just acquire out! (2)

- You talking shit?


I learned exactly how to mix drugs when I was bit. Heroin, cocaine, every one of it. My dad taught me. That was around the just point he taught me prior to he was eliminated.


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Actors: Tyrin Turner (Kaydee "Caine" Lawson), Jada Pinkett (Ronnie), Larenz Tate (Kevin "O-Dog" Anderson), Samuel L. Jackkid (Tat Lawson), MC Eiht (A-Wax)

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