The first level in the comedic spy escape room title I Expect You To Die 2 is a hectic arrival to the game at large. You will certainly be meant to collection the stage for a grand performance and also then foil an assassicountry attempt.

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While tright here are constantly very quick means to finish levels, they're pretty hard to get right into without learning how the level functions first. Operation: Stage Fright is a great extfinished tutorial that teaches you what sort of game IEYTD2 is and also precisely what to suppose on your globetrotting adventure as a super spy. With this overview, you'll understand the theater inside-out!

Get To Know Your Surroundings

I Expect You To Die 2 Operation Stage Fbest Desk
The first action in eextremely level in IEYTD2 is to look roughly and get to understand the items close to you without actually connecting via anypoint. This is a good chance to erected your workterminal and also prepare for the puzzles that will arrive later on in the level — especially those that come along with time constraints.

First points first, put the headphones on. This will certainly permit you to hear the stage director that will let you know just how far alengthy right into the level you are and also exactly how well you're doing. Study the clipboard in front of you. It consists of the details of the first puzzle in the game — setting up the stage. To your right are 3 ropes, each with a lock that will collection the rope in location. The leftmost rope controls the banners, the middle rope controls the phase lights, and also the rightmost rope controls the curtain. On your left is a moveable board that you can lift. You will certainly discover a number on this board: 2112. Look behind your left shoulder to find a locked cabinet through a four-digit passcode. Press the butloads to increment the numbers till they read 2112 and you will certainly unlock the cabinet. Pull the can of butane out of the cabinet and also set it dvery own on the desk in front of you. This will certainly be crucial later on. Underneath the moveable board are 2 drawers. Inside the topthe majority of drawer, you will uncover 3 rubber arrows and also a clipboard. Take the clipboard out and also disregard the arrows. The clipboard has stage directions for later on in the level — if you follow the initially 2 commands later on you will acquire among this level's Souvenirs. Underneath the clipboard is a key. Take this and also put it right into the lock attached to the rightmost rope on your appropriate. Don't do it yet, however this will let you move the lever dvery own and also raise the curtain. In the bottommost drawer, you'll uncover some disguise items and some information about exactly how the mask above you functions — it's a hint as to just how to usage the butane cane you got earlier. In the distance to your left, you will see a crossbow. Bring the crossbow over to your desk — don't load it with one of the rubber arrows, they are usemuch less.

Set The Stage

I Expect You To Die 2 Operation Stage Fbest Ropes
Now it is time to set the phase up specifically how the director wants.

In order to raise the banners, simply lower the leftmany lever on your right. This will certainly progressively raise the banners. To raise the gigantic clock, flip the switch in front of you at the facility of the desk. To turn the clock's light red, you'll should use the three dials on the console to your left. They are marked with R, G, and also B. Move the R dial all the way to the peak and relocate the various other two all the method to the bottom. To raise the stage lights, use your controllers to pull the middle rope dvery own — the more you pull them down the additionally up the lights will certainly raise. When you cannot pull the rope down anyeven more, raise the lever before alongside the rope to lock the lights in place. When the stage director is happy, begin increasing the curtain. You deserve to do this by pulling the rightthe majority of rope down just as you did with the lights. If you haven't unlocked the rope yet, the vital is in the topthe majority of drawer in the desk. When the curtain is increased, try to lock it in place. The lever before will certainly break, keeping the curtain increased for the remainder of the level. On the consingle on the desk, move the Lights dial in the direction of the icon that looks choose a spotlight on the left. It's time to start the display.

Deal With The Mask

I Expect You To Die 2 Operation Stage Fright Gas Canister
Once the phase is set up perfectly, John Juniper will certainly walk on stage and start his soliloquy.

If you push the ideal buttons at the appropriate cues, you will certainly gain the Curtain Call souvenir. This requires pressing the S-40.1 button when Juniper mentions the clock, and also the S-40.2 switch when he mentions wind. At some allude, the huge mask will descend and also turn to challenge the audience. At the left of the mask, you'll watch a big gauge, underneath which you'll discover a take care of. Pull the handle to reveal a canister of poiboy gas. Quickly take the canister out and then rearea it via the butane you retrieved from the cabinet behind you earlier. If you wait until the mask is because of spew the poichild gas onto the audience, you'll gain the Patience Is A Virtue souvenir. The mask will blow up, saving the audience and also revealing your meddling!

I Expect You To Die 2 Operation Stage Fappropriate Zoraxis Agent
The stage director is currently reveacaused be The Fabricator, a villainess that delights in crafting complicated machines to achieve her purposes. Zoraxis agents will now be conscious of your place and also try to kill you via poichild darts and grenades. You will should take them all out prior to they regulate to kill you in order to finish the level.

Be cautious and be conscious of your surroundings! You will certainly understand the place of a Zoraxis agent aiming at you by the red line that travels from their gun. The first Zoraxis agent will certainly appear in a theater box to the right. They have a gun that fires poichild darts. It is possible to dodge the poichild dart as it travels towards you. Alternatively, you deserve to block the red aiming line through a clipboard or with the tiny shield discovered on the floor to your left. You can then pick that arrow up and fire it back at them using the crossbow. To easily take this agent out, use the console on the desk. Move the knob that you supplied to turn the spotlight on and also move it to the chair icon, it will certainly blind the agent and also take them out. The second Zoraxis agent will certainly come out of the door oppowebsite you on the stage. They will throw a grenade at you that will certainly land on the desk. You deserve to ssuggest pick up the grenade and throw it earlier at them to take them out. Either means, absolutely throw the grenade ameans or you'll die. Conversely, you deserve to press the S-50.1 and S-50.2 buttons on the console. They will certainly surprise the agent and also take them out, pushing them via the door. The 3rd and fourth agents will arrive conveniently in succession. Tright here will certainly be one to your left via a gun and also one opposite you over the last agent who has actually grenades. You can take out these agents just as you did the various other two. The gunner to your left can be taken out through their own arrows if you use the crossbow, or usage the various other agent's grenades versus them. Take the gunner out initially as the darts are harder to dodge than the grenades. If you usage the switch on your controller that moves a held object amethod from you, you can sindicate push a grenade in the direction of the agent oppowebsite you. A grenade will certainly explode immediately once it's close sufficient to take an agent out. Once you have taken all 4 agents out, you will certainly have actually completed the level!

I Expect You To Die 2 Operation Stage Fideal Speedrun Success
In order to speedrun this level, you need to foil The Fabricator's arrangement and take out the Zoraxis agents within one minute and also thirty seconds. It's an extremely tight squeeze but very doable via a little exercise.​​​​​​

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The first point you need to carry out is collection The Fabricator's plan off much earlier than usual. Immediately obtain right into the top drawer and also retrieve the vital to the curtain rope. Raise the curtain as rapid as you have the right to and lock it in place, breaking the lever before. Turn to your left and open up the cabinet. Remember that the code is 2112. Take the butane out — this will certainly collection the mask arrangement off automatically. The mask will lower and activate much quicker than usual, so be prepared to swap the canisters as quick as you can. Now you have a tiny little bit of breathing room prior to the agents come to stop you. Use this time to carry the crossbow to your desk and be ready to use it. The first agent need to be taken out as shortly as they arrive by making use of the box's spotlight setting on the console. Similarly, take the agent out on the stage by using the phase results buttons — you have the right to simply reach over and also press them as a whole by flailing your hands over the buttons. Only the agent to your left will certainly arrive through this strategy, so pick up the clipboard on the desk and gain all set to block a poison dart. Quickly take the dart from the clipboard, load it into the crossbow, and also then rerevolve fire. If all went well, you have to come in under a minute and thirty seconds.

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