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I don"t trust you anymoreDon"t shoot me that old lie don"t tell me that you"re still mineYou"re saying things choose you shelp prior to but I do not trust you anymoreI provided you advantage of doubt however your love didn"t prove outWe"ve tried so many times before currently I don"t trust you anymoreI love you and also I always will certainly and I can not aid the method I feelI trusted you till I learned the score currently I don"t trust you anymoreWe agreed once last we tried we"d be better satisfiedBetween our love they closed the door reason I don"t trust you anymoreNow below you are back as soon as even more via your foot back in the doorI guess you"ll win choose you have prior to but I do not trust you anymoreI"ve loved you and I constantly will...Now I do not trust you anymore
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