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What Happened?

Elon Musk’s brand-new Tesla truck has been smashing the internet. While many of you made fun of the truck’s architecture, Tesla made $20,000,000 in preorders in just 3-days! 

Who’s laughing now? 

The truck of the future is boasting over 200,000 preorders via a $100 deposit. 

Tesla drags its competition. Yes, literally, Elon Musk tweeted a video of his Cybertruck winning tug-of-battle via a Ford F-150… uphill.

No paid advertising or endorsements? Nope, simply memes. 

How Does it Affect My Wallet?

The F-who50? While 200,000 pre orders may sound impressive, Ford has actually marketed over 600,000 F-series trucks in America this year.

Analysts don’t mean Tesla to shake up the competitive pickup truck market anytime shortly.

Tesla share prices dropped 6.1% on Friday. And then came back X% yesterday. 

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