With some aid from their brand-new neighbors, Dr. Venture and the boys try to rescue Brock from among Dr. Venture’s developments.

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Dr. Venture: My child has actually it in his head that you were in our house last night and you… eliminated our robot.Dr. Orpheus: The seed of your loins is rather astute. I saved your mechanical male from certain damcountry. For his frail, electronic eyes had actually gazed upon the impenetrable! He was an unwilling beholder to the impossible!

Dr. Orpheus: By the crimkid shame of Lord Valishinda, I command also you…OPENNNNNNNNNN!!

Dr. Orpheus: It craves… purity… it devours… purity… it seems to be… What the hell is this thing made out of?Dr. Venture: Nothing.Dr. Orpheus: Come on…Dr. Venture: Alappropriate fine, I can have supplied a few unorthodox parts.Dr. Orpheus: Just tell me one!Dr. Venture: An… (mumbles)Dr. Orpheus: An what?Dr. Venture: An… orphan.Dr. Orpheus: Did you say… an orphan!?Dr. Venture: Yeah… a small.. orphan boy..Dr. Orpheus: It’s powered by a forsaken child!?Dr. Venture: Might be… kind of… I mean, I didn’t use the totality thing!

Hank: Dean that’s good and also I can’t wait to hear all about it, just Brock’s stuck inside Dad’s thing that makes world happy. But it’s all evil.Dean: I dare you to make less sense.Hank: I was on the floor and also I heard everything! And I have actually a plan!

Triana Orpheus: So just how come I never check out you at school?Dean: (via a hint of fear) I’m kind of home tutored in a box my pop made, (looks down with a much more frightened tone) it periodically gets extremely hot… in the box my pop made.Triana: Wow. That’s, um… that’s screwy. (notices his face, which has actually gone blank) Oh crap, did I upset you?Dean: (blankly) Penguins have a gland also over their eyes that converts seawater to freshwater.

Dr. Orpheus: (note to Triana, recorded on answering machine) Greetings, pumpkin, I am at Mr. Venture’s lab… to appropriate that which is wrong and to repair the torn curtain OF TIME ITSELF!! There are 4 puddings in the fridge. You may enjoy the contents of among them. Dinner at six.

Hank: So what super-cool adundertaking are we goin’ on today? Should I gain my SCUBA gear?Brock: We’re not goin’ everywhere. Your father’s workin’ on this…thing.Hank: SCUBA. SCUBA. SCUBA SCUBA SCUBA SCUBA SCUBA. Say SCUBA.Brock: SCUBA.Hank: SCUBA. It sounds funny. SCUBA.Brock: SCUBA. Yeah it does.

Dean: Hank and also I just woke up on the floor. We were playing Ouija, and a man hypnotized us.Dr. Venture: Dean…Dean: With his magical Dracula powers.Dr. Venture: Dean, I’m going to rotate roughly currently, and also you’d much better be on fire. You’re standing tbelow in flames, and also the only perchild that deserve to put you out is me, bereason that is the just conceivable factor that you would wake me up like this!

(Hank is rooting through Brock’s tape collection)Hank: What’s this one?Brock: “In Thturbulent The Out Door”.Hank: Can I put it on?Brock: Rather you didn’t, Hank. Zep sold out on that one. Besides…I’ve obtained memories attached to that record.Hank: Is it bereason you were fighting a whole bunch of ninjas while it was playing, and also so it reminds you of ninjas?Brock: No, Hank…Hank: How around frogmen? Does it remind you of frogmen?Brock: IT’S A WOMAN, ALRIGHT?!? …The only womale I ever before loved. Are you happy now, Hank?Hank: (pouty voice) No…bereason you snapped at me.Brock: You’re alappropriate, Hank. You recognize that? You’re alideal.

Dr. Venture: Heeey, if I pull this candle down, will it…?Dr. Orpheus: …gain wax on my carpet? Yes.

Dean: Is your name Pumpkin?Triana: No, it’s Triana. Doesn’t your dad have a nickname for you?Dean: Well, I’ve heard him contact me ‘Dave’ or ‘Don’ a few times, but I don’t think they’re nicknames.

Triana: Who’s that significant male who’s always washing his vehicle in front of your place?Dean: Oh, that’s Brock. He’s my dad’s bodyguard. One time I experienced him kill a male through a sock full of party snaps!Triana: (facetiously) Did the guy’s head acquire blown off?Dean: (proudly) Yes it did.

Dr. Orpheus: (in generally melodramatic tones) Evil has actually struck the House of Venture! The air reeks of an ill wind! Yea, though I have actually smelt it, that hath dealt it!

Hank: Morning, Brock. Brock: Hank? You all right?Hank: I will be.Brock: You gotta speak sneaking up on me.

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Hank: I simply wanted to tell you H.E.L.P.E.R.’s damaged. Uh, Brock?Brock: Yeah?Hank: Is it okay if I cry?

Brock: Nice rescue, boys. You saved me from the only womale I’ve ever loved… with a hat that smells prefer a men’s room… and we’re still here.

Dr. Venture: (exterior the bathroom via robe and also towel) Dean, what the hell are you doing in there? I should take a shower!Dean: I’m practicing being a boyfrifinish, Pop!Dr. Venture: (sidling away, horrified) Uh, never before mind, Dean.