I have actually completed the pursuit in eexceptionally possible way and also still Veronika never before gets what she wants. I was wondering if tright here is somemeans she have the right to convince among the elders to make points her method.

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Nope. Veronica is destined to never before gain what she wants.


She appears content to follow them right into the grave. If this was another franchise I was fond of namely Gundam I'd practically be tempted to speak to Veronica a Zeon, she lacks the Fascist perspective and also ruthmuch less compunction though.

The entirety not willing to abandon a reason though even as it crumbles around you though, that is a profession note of theirs also, beyond the totality dictatorial mechanism and also what have actually you. I mean for the sake of this reply not being fifteen right paragraphs just explaining the history of the factions in UC I will obtain directly to what I intend.

At the conclusion of MSG, the first entry in the series the Principality of Zeon collapses after the deaths of the final members of the ruling family members, its making it through high command also uses unconditional surrender to the Federation through its new federal government. The One Year War, a battle that choose the Great War in Fallout killed a good percentage of humanity is over.

Yet you have literal 10s of thousands of members of its previous military rejecting what they view as a 'false peace' and look for to gain back what they check out as the standing quo, their nation being independent, strong and complimentary of the Federation. These folks would wage battle versus the Federation for upwards of the following fifty percent century.

New flags increased, brand-new leaders climb, they autumn, and loss aget yet they proceed to fight onward, driven by idea, and also conviction. I expect to me this is perfectly apt for the NCR/Brotherhood War that waged ago West.

Zeon was a single swarm cluster fighting against the majority of humankind under the Federation, they had exceptional technology, training and also weaponry to the Federation, this sound familiar? They shed, got in retreat but resparked several noteworthy battles over the complying with decades, even though by then the ridiculous number gap in between the factions had only grown.

I expect if you assistance Hardin's election to Elder and complete the Independent Vegas route her finishing slide is informing.

Veronica put her ethical sensibilities aside and also sustained the Brotherhood's new project of aggression as best she can. Yet deep down, she taken that it intended their finish would sucount be quickly to follow.

If you cement her loyalties to the factivity, she will certainly abandon doubt in favor seeing out her final days via her comrades, family members and also leaders. And that to me is what truly reminds me of Zeon, because I mean they launch what deserve to only be defined as 'suicide' assaults versus the Federation throughout Planet a decade plus after the war.

They understand going right into this strikes, that they will certainly never leave alive, but go anymeans to accomplish missions that will hopecompletely better the cause of Zeon, learning that even if it does benefit them and also their world they will never before live to see it. The Torrington base attack in Australia in 0096 is instance and also allude of that mindset.

Go they go into this assault via a few dozen mobile suits, and also a handful of Vetol and also transfer aircraft, through the intent of assaulting a major Federation nuclear stockpile, the base garrikid itself is conveniently immobilized and obliterated despite their growingly obsolete technology because of surprise and also the ferocity of their attack.

However simply as they suppose Federal reinforcements arrive within the hour, and they are quickly dealing with dvery own suits that outcourse theirs utterly, but they can't disinteract, they need to buy as much time as possible to ensure that their objective is finish.

To usage a non Gundam term, its akin to making use of first gen MiG's against Eurofighters. All of their suits are at newest, a decade old from the last Neo Zeon War, and at oldest, stuff dating back to or before the One Year War. Their stuff functioned once they had surprise on their side and were encountering down untested rookie pilots and also soldiers that never before combated in a war and also were going up versus civilization who had literally never stopped fighting in the course of almost sixteen years.

Experience is an excellent point to have on your side, but it won't comprise that much distinction. The remnants are routed to a guy, and the mission ends in a faitempt, yet the objective leschild below is this.

You can have actually human being willing to fight to the fatality, even for reasons they might or may not even believe are possible truly bereason of who they are fighting next to. That's the crucial little, I suppose that else perform those pilots have besides their fellow Zeon? Who else does Veronica truly have besides the BOS? Politics, and also racial beliefs aside, in both cases you have actually somepoint comparable.

Even if they walk amethod from their previous life, it is going to follow them and they will never truly be free of it. Tbelow is no happy finishing for world favor that, not really however tright here deserve to be a...correct one.

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Goodness...I tried to make this brief however it simply retained going and also going and going, however I am pleased I actually voiced this believed, its a comparison I never before assumed I'd make reality be told. But its oddly fitting I think for this character, this faction and also its respective counterpart in Gundam.