There's a song that's been stuck in my head for around a week: The Tetris template song.

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Or rather, these lyrics to it: Complete History of the Soviet Union, Arranged to the Melody of Tetris

My challenge for you is that you not just interpret a verse, however attempt to retain the same rhythm, and also, if your language functions that method, rhyme.

The lyrics go:

I am the man that ararrays the blocks that descfinish upon me from up above

They come dvery own and also I spin them about, till they fit in the ground choose hand also in glove

Sometimes it seems that to relocate blocks is fine, and also the lines will certainly be formed as they fall

Then I view that I have misjudged it, I need to not have actually nudged it after all

deserve to I have a lengthy one please

Why have to these infernal blocks tease?

I own translation will certainly be a comment

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Thedish|Thranian Languages|Various Others (en, hu)
øsoo ɒtmɒdd, xoo stallþi çyvluçs, ɒrfɒllootɒ ats uppuvr̩ɒv.

nyþr̩kømad, spinnɤɤ ats arig, so jɒɒrɒd ɣrudgyd, liç xod joofgyd.

summɒl þɯkþi, øsþy joð øjar vluçs, mɒçɒdtɒ çitriijs ɒls fɒllɒd.

ɒç þansɪxɤɤ, xɒvoo mysðomyþ, unþɒrþruçþyþtɒ xindsɪxþid.

xɒvyro ɒvluç lɒg, liiç?

xɒhair akstmɤd çyvluçs çalisk?!

be-1.SG DIST-male, who put-3.SG PROX-block-PL, on-fall-1.SG-PASS DIST-PL up-over-ABL.

down-come-3.PL, (and) spin-1.SG DIST-PL around, so fit-3.PL ground-ILL, like hand also glove-ILL.

some-times seem-3.SG, (that) be-3.SG good move-INF block-PL, (and) make-3.SG-PASS as fall-3.PL.

yet then-see-1.SG, have-1.SG mis-judge-NMZ, NEG-there-nudge-PST-SBJV-3.SG-PASS hindsight-INE

have-SBJV-1.SG INDF-block long, please?

why tease-OBLG-3.SG PROX-block-SG hell-ADJ

That was exhausting. Took me a few hours. My translation is mainly in IPA except for punctuation, writing lengthy sounds as double letters, and also the voiceless dental fricative, which I was also lazy to relocation with theta. It's thorn for some reason.

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If I've made any kind of mistakes in my gloss, please let me recognize. Same for rhythm. And what mood would certainly a expression through "must" be? I'm not good through moods, even subjunctive vs indicative gives me trouble.