Living with a chronically ill companion deserve to be devastatingly lonely and frustrating, and it"s not somepoint society really allows us talk about.

The worry is not about whether we love or treatment about our ill spousage, it"s about the harsh "side effects" that the caregiver suffers. While it"s never before easy to live with chronic disease, it"s also not straightforward for the caretaker.

Let"s share stories around life as the caretaker and the hardships (as well as the joys) of life. We can find comfort and assistance in learning that we"re not alone.


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Hi all...this is my extremely first time joining a group or posting in any forum favor this. I"ve been married to my husband also for 14 years, he"s 39 and also I just turned 37- we have actually 2 daughters, ages 10 and also 8. When we initially gained married, he seemed chronically fatigued and also saw the dr, yet was given a clean bill of health and wellness. We blamed it on his job, he operated midnights and many overtime on whatever shift he could gain it. He inevitably acquired off 3rd transition, but things never before improved-just continually worsened. He would certainly occasionally go to the dr, but things were always "fine" then 3 years ago he admitted to me that he wasn"t just exhausted all the moment, he also had actually constant pain all over his body, numbness and tingling in both hands and feet, legs and arms. We found out he had a herniated disc at L5-S1 and also hoped that surgical procedure would certainly fix the majority of of his troubles. It didn"t. So we began a search for a diagnosis and also he revealed even more and even more things he hadn"t told me. He visited an ENT and has been diagnosed through Bilateral Meniere"s Disease and also serious Vertigo. His hearing is negative enough he really need to get hearing aides. He practically blacks out as soon as he stands up, we consulted through a neurologist that diagnosed him with an Autonomic Neuropathy and also confirmed damages to his little nerve fibers, yet is unable to tell us why. The neuro sent us to a Rheumatologist, who will not commit to a diagnosis, just desires to treat pain. We went for a second opinion with a rheumatologist at Cleveland Clinic-he badepend looked at my husband and also diagnosed him through Fibromyalgia and offered him a referral to a Pain Management clinic. We consulted via a third Rheumatologist at University Hospitals Cleveland, and also he initially diagnosed Psoriatic Arthritis and also has actually currently transformed the diagnosis to Spondyloarthropathy. He"s currently waiting to hopefully be apconfirmed by the insurance company for Humira injections. He has actually, thankfully, been able to continue functioning..yet that"s all he does. He sometimes takes 3-4 naps a day, he likewise has sleep apnea and has a CPAP, but it doesn"t aid. He spends most weekends sacked out on the couch. He"s incredibly forgetful, I"m constantly having to remind him to take his meds, don"t foracquire his glasses, his wallet, etc. At leastern 3-4 times a month I have to take him 1 of these items at occupational that he"s foracquired. I feel so bad for him, however I"m so tired..I have migraines, I don"t sleep well, but I still manage to take care of absolutely everything- the kids, the residence, I work-related full time, and I take care of my father that has Macular Dystrophy. I absolutely feel prefer I am at my wits end, and also if I complain or cry or "lose it" he looks at me choose I"ve ripped his heart out. I simply do not understand what to execute. Thanks for letting me vent.

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July 27, 2018 - 7:14pm

My husband also additionally suffers from migraines. It is so difficult. I"m so glad to check out I"m not the only one going with this.

July 3, 2018 - 6:48am

I"ve been married to my husband also for 17 years now. This is my 2nd marriage in life. Due to the fact that 2012 my husband seems to have actually had some kind of condition. First it was his earlier and two earlier surgeries that appeared to be unsuccessful and he ended up on discapacity. In 2015, he was diagnosed with a meningioma (non-cancerous) brain tumor. He had actually a 14 hour surgery to rerelocate as much of the tumor as feasible and also then he appeared to sleep all the moment for the following year. In 2017 it started to thrive again which had him shedding vision, again. This time he had actually a 6 week,5 days a week course of radiation. More sleeping all the time and then the start of a sick stomach through out the day. After several tests, the physicians are unable to discover a medical reason for his sick stomach. He was unable to execute things roughly the home yet as soon as he wanted to assist out with a church job he had the ability to go and be a component of it. It"s just so frustrating! He"s not allowed to drive best currently as his eye sight is not what it have to be. Which means I get the privilege of driving him to all his various appoints. All I can say is I am worn down . . . I desire to be compassionate and also supportive but it"s become incredibly draining to have him sick all the time! Each time he seems to be gaining a tiny better and taking more interest in life, something alters and also he starts going down hill aacquire. I needed a surgical procedure last year and also had to put it on organize until he began to feel much better. Than as soon as I did have my surgical treatment, he was not incredibly helpful or compassionate during my recovery time when I needed aid. In reality, he appeared to start gaining sicker and also having actually more symptoms . . . There does not seem to be an end in sight . . .

March 29, 2018 - 5:08am

I have been married for 13 years and it seems favor forever and not in an excellent way. My husband is a person who has illness after disease. He has actually not worked in practically a year because it has acquired worse. I make virtually 6 figures but because the entire household remainder on me, it doesn"t feel choose it. Due to the fact that he is home 24/7 the bills have boosted. He watches TV all day lengthy and plays computer games on his phone. In enhancement, b/c he is residence more food has to put in the home for him to eat. He had no job benefits, so every one of his clinical prices are likewise included to my costs. At one point he was not taking care of himself so I all set myself for his fatality by rerelocating myself from him emotionally. This is not the life I envisioned for my marriage. He has shed all catalyst and also basically I view him as dead weight. I have actually told him he deserve to at leastern apply for Work At Home jobs. He additionally is addicted to cigarettes and also next-door neighbors give them to him or he finds adjust roughly the house to buy them. Then he expects me to provide him spending money (for what? you not going anywhere) and also IF we go out I need to ALL THE TIME buy for two world. I attempt not to hate him but it"s acquiring old.

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March 28, 2018 - 10:54am

Hi everyone,

I simply discovered this thread and also I had actually to join it. I am 36 years old and also my husband is 44. We have actually been together for a total of nearly 18 years. I love my husband also dearly, I truly do, however we have actually been dealing with his nonstop health and wellness problems for around the past 10 years currently. He has actually constantly had some wellness issues, yet they have become basically nonspeak over the past decade. He is a type 2 diabetic, is overweight, has hypertension, and so on He was officially diagnosed via kind 2 diabetes in the early on 2000s (I desire to say roughly 2003, probably 2004) and also has actually been on insulin for rather a few years currently. In the spring of 2006, he occurred his extremely first episode of pancreatitis. Following that, he would certainly gain about 1-2 flare-ups of pancreatitis per year and also would certainly commonly end up in the hospital for a pair of days to obtain it under manage. We were always told that it was led to by his triglycerides being severely elevated. It wasn"t fun, but at leastern it only taken place 1 or 2 times a year and also he was fine the remainder of the moment. However, in June of 2013, he came to be exceptionally ill. He couldn"t save any kind of food down, had serious abdominal pain, a far-ranging amount of vomiting, and was quickly shedding weight. He spent that entire summer in and out of the hospital and also even had to be moved to a hospital 2 hours away from us for a greater level of treatment bereason our local hospital couldn"t aid him. It turned out that he had actually severe bile duct obstructions caused by stones and also he he underwent multiple ERCPs through bile duct dilation and also had several stents put in and later rerelocated. He maintained gaining re-obstructed throughout that entire summer for factors that were a complete mystery to his gastroenterologist. It was likewise discovered at that time that he had a cyst on his pancreas that had actually burst and made him extremely septic. It was a VERY rough summer, yet he lastly got a lot better by the end of the summer/at an early stage loss and also had the ability to go ago to work-related in September or October. He then had actually another flare-up of pancreatitis that winter and required yet an additional ERCP, which our regional hospital had the ability to carry out. Then, in February of 2014, he dropped on the ice and also sevecount tore his rotator cuff and ruptured his biceps muscle, which he had actually surgical treatment for that April (it took forever for him to get in for surgery). This caused him to be out of job-related and also on short-lived disability for several months. Then, in November of 2015, he became extremely ill with what we assumed were gallbladder worries as the symptoms he had were textbook for cholecystitis. He went to the ER, wright here they did a full cardiac workup because he was complaining of some chest pain, which deserve to also be a symptom of cholecystitis, so we believed it was pertained to that; yet, they did a stress and anxiety test, which turned out to be abnormal. They then attempted a cardiac cath, but were unable to do anything via the cath because the two blockperiods that he had actually in his arteries were also significant and also he ended up requiring double-bypass open-heart surgical treatment in beforehand December of 2015. Then, about a month and also a half later (while he was still reextending from his heart surgery), they finished up taking his gallbladder out bereason that was also in exceptionally poor shape and making him sick. Between his heart surgical procedure and gallbladder removal, he was out of occupational for several months. Well, after his gallbladder removal in late January of 2016, he began having severe ago and neck pain, which he didn"t have before. He ultimately had an MRI in the early on spring of 2016, which proved bulging disks and also spinal canal stenosis. He invested multiple months going to pain management for injections and also even had a rhizotomy, which did nopoint to help. He is CONSTANTLY in pain and is constantly complaining about it. He has no power, is normally in a grumpy mood, and never wants to do anything on the weekends anymore because he harms too much. If I want to go out and do things with him, he usually simply ends up obtaining annoyed via me. He has actually had actually this earlier and also neck pain worry for almost 2 years currently and also it"s really obtaining old. The neurosurgeon said that he does not require surgical treatment, but they are talking about trying a pain stimulator and he is currently waiting to acquire right into pain monitoring to have a trial one put in to view if it helps him. If it does, then the neurosurgeon will certainly put a permanent one in. Throughout this entire time, he has actually been on a selection of different pain meds, including oxycodone, hydrocodone, Lyrica, and also even recently he was put on methadone (which I had a little fit about as I think that was total overkill). I have to wonder how all of these extended pain meds are affecting him. He has absolutely no drive or catalyst anyeven more. He goes to work, texts me throughout the day complaining about just how a lot pain he is in or how he doesn"t feel well and also then, as soon as he comes house in the evening, he typically goes straight to bed and also I hardly ever watch him (I work from home). Then, last week, he started having actually abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting. At first, he thought it was just a bug that he had captured at job-related, however it didn"t go away or get much better. He saw his major doctor, that sent him to the ER for an abdominal ultrasound, and he was told that he had diverticulitis, which I personally think is from every one of the pain meds he has been taking over the years as they can do a number on the GI system, but he adamantly denies that. It"s favor he"s in denial. He missed job-related today and also visited check out his doctor, who did a stool test and also told him that he has a fungal infection and put him on more antibiotics. After managing every one of these nonsheight health and wellness concerns over the past decade, I am at my breaking suggest. I don"t think there has actually been a single day in the previous 4 years wright here he hasn"t complained around somepoint. We have actually no high quality of life anyeven more because just around every little thing revolves about his health and wellness and him constantly not feeling well. He comlevels nonstop and spends so much time in bed as soon as he"s not working. He occasionally also takes it out on me. It"s REALLY getting to me. I am so frustrated. I have actually basically been his caretaker all of these years. I"m only 36 and also I feel choose I"m married to a 95-year-old!!!!! I am entirely drained and also am at the finish of my rope. Everything has actually been around him and also his ailments for years. What about me??? It has actually been one point after another after another with him over the past numerous years and it"s choose we never obtain a break. If it"s not one health issue, it"s another. Oh, and also he is likewise a smoker and still has not quit, even though he KNOWS that he demands to, particularly after his heart surgical procedure 2 years back. I simply understand that the cigarettes are a substantial aspect once it involves his as a whole wellness (or lack thereof). His doctors have told him that it"s incredibly imperative that he quits, I have told him this, and also our friends and also family have actually told him this, however it"s favor he does not also try. Even HE knows that he demands to quit, however he doesn"t! He actually had me convinced that he had actually totally quit after his bypass surgery, however I later found out that he was sneaking in cigarettes in our basement by opening the bulkhead door so that the smoke would certainly go exterior. He knows that I understand he is still smoking, even 2 years later on, yet he still tries to lie to me around it and states that he"s not, even though I have the right to smell it (I am not a smoker and cannot stand the smell) and I have actually watched packs of cigarettes both on his desk, in the center consingle of our Jeep, and also in his job-related bag. I have told him several times that him lying about it makes me even angrier than the fact that he is still smoking, yet he proceeds to deny that he"s been cigarette smoking, also once I have the right to clearly smell it. I just don"t know just how much even more I can take. I am a young, energetic, healthy and balanced, generally upbeat and also outgoing person, yet he has lugged me dvery own so much via all of his nonsheight health and wellness problems over the years and it has actually acquired to the suggest where I am beginning to feel fairly a little of resentment and also am having actually a VERY hard time being sympathetic. I really feel that it has actually put me into a state of depression. The major factor I am so frustrated is bereason I don"t watch him doing anything to aid himself. He never exercises, his diet is, for the the majority of part, horrible, and he will certainly not quit smoking. His diabetes has actually been out of manage for years as well. I just don"t know what else to carry out. Some days, I feel choose I am about to explode bereason I am so frustrated. It"s like he"s figured out to never before be well. I just do not get it.

Anyway, sorry this was so long. I just really needed to vent and also assumed this would be a good location to do that.