Howard Stern brought Jimmy Kimmel his dirty laundry, after learning David Letterguy had provided the ABC late-night organize a box of his ties once he retired.

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Stern complained he watched Kimmel “fawning everywhere Dave” the previous night, as Jimmy Kimmel Live broadcasts from Brooklyn this week, though he himself has actually been a bigger influence on Kimmel. “So I lugged you a gift,” he snarked, dumping a bag of underwear, socks, and also T-shirts on his desk.

Stern’s radio routine has actually never been better, Kimmel insisted, and also Stern agreed, calling satellite radio “liberating.”

“When I was on regular radio…sex talk and outrageousness was the point, bereason you were breaking all the taboos. I obtained fined by the United States federal government, countless dollars, for saying the word ‘penis.’ And now ‘penis’ comes out of my mouth and your mouth so quickly. It was shocking ago then,” Stern reminisced.

“Lesbians were something I feel favor you presented to America,” Kimmel added.

“I sassist, one day, lesbianism will ascendancy the television airwaves and that’s exactly how world will certainly get ratings. And sure sufficient, it pertained to pass,” Stern boasted.

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Talk turned to the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal.

“First of all, as soon as did this male have actually time to make movies?” Stern wondered. “I believed movie making was hard!”

“And all these men that perform sexual harassment, they’re freaks. This big fat guy…he goes, ‘Listen, I’m going to gain right into the shower. I want you to watch me nude.’ Tright here is no girl on the world that wants to see Harvey Weinstein naked. If I’m Harvey Weinstein, I wear a burka and also say, ‘Listen, you don’t need to look at me’.”

Stern compared Weinstein’s autumn from power to the ouster of Bill O’Reilly at Fox News Channel. “What was his move? ‘I’m going to come over and also acquire in the shower.’ What is with these men and also the shower?”

Bringing the conversation complete circle, Stern additionally discussed former Dem politician Anthony Weiner, that texted pictures of his penis. “The one point women don’t desire to watch. They want to watch if you got a task,” Stern advised. “They desire to view you treat them nice.”

After the break, Stern talked around watching porn at night, saying his preference is baby-sitter porn, though, he shelp, he’s “not into these points,” explaining that he has a “fantastic” wife, a “fabulous sex life” and also, “I’ve obtained 3 daughters, and I’m trying to be an upstanding male.”