Getting fired is bad sufficient. But obtaining fired on your day off might seem like another level of disrespect.

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People, rightcompletely so, are under the impression that you cannot obtain fired on a day wbelow you did not come into work-related.

But your job can disagree. Your employer does have the right to fire you at any type of time. This is dubbed at-will employment.

And, yes, your firm can fire you on your day off.

Who Got Fired on Their Day Off?

As an employment lawyer, it’s rare that I have the possibility to incorporate pop society through the regulation.

This is just one of those rare times.

In the movie Friday, Craig, famously depicted by Ice Cube, gets fired on his day off. Famously, this firing sets in movement the events of the cult classic.

As Smocrucial famously claims after learning of Craig’s termicountry, it’s “Friday; you ain’t acquired no job… and also you ain’t obtained sh** to perform.”

This leads Craig to embark down a route wright here he inevitably confronts Deebo in the film’s orgasm.

Unfortunately, although this movie is fiction, the component about being fired on your day off is true.

Can You Get Fired on Your Day Off?

You may know that the employment law is at will certainly. This suggests that your employer deserve to fire you for any type of non-illegal reasons.

Illegal factors commonly involve discrimination or retaliation.

Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, discriminatory reasons include:

Sex discriminationSexual orientation discriminationNational origin discriminationGender identification discriminationRacial discriminationReligious discriminationEthnicity discriminationAge discriminationDiscapability discriminationMarital condition discriminationPregnancy discriminationGenetic information discrimination

Further, your company’s reasons for termination cannot be retaliatory. Retaliation means that your agency took an adverse employment activity versus you because you engaged in safeguarded conduct.

Adverse employment actions generally is composed of:

Filing a charge with the Equal Employment Opportunity CommissionReporting an employment violationThreatening to sueRefusing to engage in an illegal activityReporting harassment 

Your Job is Not Protected When You are Off

It’s a common misconception that taking time off occupational gives you task defense. To the contrary, tright here is no federal legislation requiring employers to give you vacation or passist time off.

Employers generally give you this time to incur great will certainly. Some says carry out, however, need it.

But your employer is still complimentary to fire you for any kind of non-discriminatory factor.

You Have Some Protection for FMLA Leave

You do have some protection if you take time off under the Family and also Medical Leave Act (FMLA).

But even then, the protection just goes so far. Job defense implies that your employer cannot interfere with your ideal to take leave, if you qualify. And your employer additionally cannot interfere via your best, if you qualify.

But it does not expect that your employer cannot fire you. If your employer has a legitimate factor for your termination, they have the right to proceed through it.

Most work tend to avoid firing employers while on leave. Doing so runs the danger of retaliation or interference clintends.

But these terminations carry out still happen. And they are not illegal if your company’s decision to terminate you was not encouraged by an illegal reason.

How Do I Exsimple Being Fired for No Reason

If you were fired on your day off, you might think that your employer had actually no factor to fire you.

But that’s not constantly the instance. Your performance can have been negative. This termination can have been a long time coming.

You need to consider asking your employer for a reason for the termination if your agency did not provide one.

The following job you look for may ask why your agency fired you. Although this could not be something you want to share through your brand-new job, you may need to.

Honesty can be the best plan. That’s why you have to attempt to acquire as a lot information as feasible from your previous employer.

You want to recognize all the factors for your termicountry. This way you have the right to craft a good explanation for your termicountry.

You deserve to additionally turn weaknesses right into a positive discovering experience. If your previous employer fired you for being late, you have the right to now describe to your brand-new employer the actions you will take to never before let this occur again.

This may not always work. But it’s a action in the appropriate direction. 

What if My Employer Refsupplies to Give a Reason?

If your former employer refsupplies to offer a factor, you can want to speak with an employment lawyer.

A company’s faientice to give a factor for the termination might indicate that your firing was illegal.

Generally, carriers carry out a reason. They carry out not want an employment lawyer to later on argue that the firing was pretext.

In an employment lawsuit, a agency need to normally administer a nondiscriminatory factor for the termination. If they can’t you have actually a good chance of winning your situation.

If they failed to provide a reason at the time of your firing, but carry out one later on, you can argue that the reason was pretextual.

This indicates that the company’s provided factor was not the genuine factor for your termination. 


Getting fired on your day off adds insult to injury. Your agency couldn’t even take the time to tell you to your confront.

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Unfortunately, your company can execute this. But only if the factor they fired you was not illegal.

If you suspect that the reason was illegal, you need to call an employment lawyer. We assist advise you on your legal alternatives.

Did your firm fire you on your day off? Did they carry out you through a reason? What will you carry out if they did not?